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1st Nov - 7th Nov Phase 3/4/5

It's our annual overseas training camp again, and that means a few alterations for those staying at home.

As usual there are changes for Phases 3/4/5. Take a look at the alterations page and familiarise yourself with what's coming. Be sure to check again nearer the time too.

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We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Results Archive Updated

Results Archive 22 Oct: The weekend's Met results are now in the archive.

Among the big PBs are a few first time NER qualifying times. They only count if the meet is licensed at a high enough level though.
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97 Yorkshire Medals for 2014

Harvey was top performer this weekend with 3 medals 13 Oct: After a solid weekend of racing at the Winter Yorkshire competition we can add 14 medals to 2014's Yorkshire total. That puts us on 97 for the year.

That figure is exactly the same as last year (albeit a different spread of colours) and is the club's 2nd highest medal count after winning 100 in 2011.
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Sheffield Top, Dartes 4th

12 Oct: It's only the 2nd time in 4 years that CoLeeds have been beaten in an Arena League fixture, but our South Yorkshire rivals CoSheffield managed to do so last night.

With the continued rise of West Yorkshire giant BoKirklees, Dartes dropped to 4th on the night. One more round will determine the participants for the regional final.
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Two for England Talent

27 Sep: It's that time of year where those selected for England Talent are announced.

An exciting, revamped programme awaits Gillian Clarke (Arm) and Laura Brookes (Edl) over the next few months as British Swimming start the long process of developing young athletes towards senior podium success.
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Shannon makes it 4!

Shannon a late selection for Team Yorkshire 18 Sep: We've just heard today that Shannon Dodson (Adw) has received a late call-up to Team Yorkshire for National County Team Champs.

She makes it 4 swimmers and Head Coach supplied by Dartes for the October 19th showdown between Yorkshire and Lancashire (plus others).
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More Photos from Nationals

17 Sep: While we wait for the season to get in to full gear, here are a few catch up photos from National age-groups.

Another super successful campaign and key moments along the way. Will you be joining them next summer?
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Three for Team Yorkshire

First time call-up for Laura to represent Yorkshire 14 Sep: It's nearly time for the National County Team Championships and we have strong representation again this year.

There's a first time call-up for Laura Brookes (Edl) who will compete alongside the usual pair of Joe Litchfield (Spa) and Jarvis Parkinson (Arm).
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7 Gold and a Silver at UK School Games

Gold medals for Joe and Jarvis at UK School Games 6 Sep: The two missing from training this weekend were representing England North at Sainsbury's 2014 UK School Games.

Joe Litchfield (Spa) won the 100m Backstroke and 400m IM, while Jarvis Parkinson (Arm) won 200m IM and took Silver in the 200m Freestyle. They helped Team England North win all 3 team events!
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Fund Raising Madness

All for a good cause 5 Sep: Earlier this summer Jane and Jeff Pickard took part in the Total Warrior event to raise much needed money for the club.

Their muddy exploits and your generous donations raised £272. Did we mention it was a little muddy?
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National County Team Championships

Team Yorkshire 19 Oct: While many of you contest The Mets, Head Coach Andy Wallace plus swimmers Laura Brookes (Edl), Shannon Dodson (Adw), Joe Litchfield (Spa), and Jarvis Parkinson (Arm) will be helping Team Yorkshire take on the rest of the UK to crown the nation's top county team.

British Swimming have a special website for the event.
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Using Pace Clocks

Pace Clocks Being able to use pace clocks is an essential skill for swimmers of all ages. We know some of you struggle and shy away from using them, so here are some helpful hints.

The key point is: never give up. Use them on every swim and within a few weeks you'll be happy to use them.
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What do you learn from Swimming?

Successful Team It's not just swimming skills you learn in the pool. Take a look at the top 10 life lessons you can make use of out of the water.

From simply showing up on time to dealing with strange people and managing your time effectively, it all helps mould you in to a successful person.
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Finally, British Swimming Announcement

It's taken a while, but we finally have the decision regarding competition structure at the top end of British Swimming for this season.

The expected changes regarding age and a new structure to national level competition are going ahead. There's a brief description on the British Swimming website.
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Parent Photographers

Just a reminder to all parents that it is strictly forbidden to take photos or videos of swimmers from the balcony! Anyone wishing to record their own child must speak to a Squad Manager beforehand, but it is still extremely unlikely to be allowed.

Doing similarly at meets is at the discretion of the organisers and will always entail the photography record book being signed!

Meet Protocol

Blood flow prior to pool warm up at Middlesboro residential weekend To save you thinking first thing on meet day morning, we have a meet protocol to tell you exactly what to do when you arrive at competitions.

Be sure to arrive in time to start your blood flow warm up a good 10mins prior to the start of the first warm up.
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Be Good Lane Mates

Meet Calendar How many times do coaches yell at you for blocking the finish for your team mates in training? Are you one of those annoying swimmers who just loves getting in the way?

Here are a few helpful hints on how you can be a better team mate. You thought this stuff only happened at Dartes, right? Oh how wrong are you!
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