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Thursday Phase 5 Usual Time

Thursday evening's Phase 5 session will start at 5pm as usual. The start had been delated to 5.30pm, but is now back to normal.

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We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Results Archive updated

Results Archive 21 Jul: All results from Bradford are now included in the archive. More of a development focused team than normal, but we still brought home 87 medals!

After a medal flurry in session 4, Kara Mayos (Spa) overtook Katie Stringer (Adw) for our top medal winner of the weekend.
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National Squad Photo Shoot

20 Jul: Saturday after training we got the National Squad together for a fun photo shoot.

Always fun when you put this bunch in front of a camera. The results, as ever, are interesting.

Caps and hoodies were also distributed.
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Forgotten Yorkshire Photos

19 Jul: It's been a busy year, we've forgotten a few photos for the gallery.

This set is from Yorkshires back in the spring. A long time ago now, but still worth a glance.
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Ones to Watch at Nationals

16 Jul: British Swimming have identified a bunch of athletes competing at Nationals next month as "Ones to Watch".

Among them are our own Jarvis Parkinson (Arm) and Simon Kliment (Arm). Between them responsible for 19 of the 54 events Dartes has qualified for this season
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20 Fearless Animals!

14 Jul: With just a month to go for those looking to make their mark in this season's Animal Squad, we've updated the lists.

Josh Reasbeck (Edl) is one of 20 athletes to compete in all the toughest events (200m Butterfly, 400m IM, 1500m Freestyle) this season.
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Fred Furniss comes to Visit

13 Jul: Earlier this week we had a visit and parent talk by the England Talent Development Officer for the North - Fred Furniss.

Topic of the day was about the parent's role in developing performance swimmers.
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dode_dartes now on Twitter

12 Jul: We've been on twitter since 2010 but only used it behind the scenes. Now we're going at it full-bore.

We have lists of swim stars British and Worldwide, plus we'll be adding our own tweets to keep you informed of happenings around the club.
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Phase 4 Kick Test

10 Jul: Close, but not close enough for Tilly The last Phase 4 test set of the season promised much, but failed to deliver a new squad record.

In the end Tilly Arrand (Arm) improved her average by 1sec not the 4 she needed. There's a small group chasing her toes.
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Joe: Fastest Junior Qualifier

25 Jun: All this week we have 3 of our stars competing at the British International Meet in Manchester.

This evening Joe Litchfield (Spa) qualified fastest for the 200m Butterfly under 18 final in the morning.

Jarvis Parkinson (Arm) and Georgia Wright (Arm) are also competing in GB's premier open meet.


Training Alterations

Training Alterations As we're nearing season's end here are your summer changes; there's something for everyone!

Importantly though, we're having a complete August shut down for Phase 4/5. We plan to run JDS unaffected all summer.
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Meet Protocol

Blood flow prior to pool warm up at Middlesboro residential weekend To save you thinking first thing on meet day morning, we have a meet protocol to tell you exactly what to do when you arrive at competitions.

Be sure to arrive in time to start your blood flow warm up a good 10mins prior to the start of the first warm up.
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Goal Setting

This morning we asked Phase 4 to write down why they come training. What is it that makes them get out of bed in the morning to dive in to a swimming pool.

While you're thinking about it, here's an article on Goal Setting that you might find interesting.

Bring those answers along to training next week. There are no right or wrong answers, just be honest with yourself!
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Characteristics of Champions

Bob Bowman (Coach of Michael Phelps) talks about the Characteristics of Champions at Chicago Ideas Week. Not the physical characteristics, but the mental side.

We've told you all many times that "The Process is more Important than the Outcome". Well here's the grand master saying the same thing.
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Using Foam Rollers

Stretching Poolside You'll have seen various athlete in Phase 5 carrying strange tubular devices and probably wondered what they are. It's all about self-myofascial release.

"It's what?"
We hear you ask.

Here are a couple of articles discussing the how and why of foam rolling. Talk to Coach Andy before embarking on foam rolling.

The articles:
- Download the How
- Read and Watch

Life as a Swimmer


quote of the day by my dad "if your pee is gold... your medal won't be." great hydration advice there Big G. #hydrationiskey


Volunteer timekeeping at the All Florida Invite today! My dad would be so proud -- #GoGators


After stopping by the pool this afternoon man am I happy I'm not in the water right now...3x1000 for the younger kids today as a workout...


There are a lot of poor female role models out there and then there are the chicks from #TeamGB. I want to be like them when I grow up


They may become harder to achieve, but your dreams can't stop because you've hit a certain age or you've had a child.