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We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Results Archive Updated

24 Jun 2018: Results Archive Last weekend we travelled to The Hydro for Harrogate's Summer Meet, and came away with an 83% PB ratio!

Included was a 38sec PB in 400m Freestyle for Frankie Ness (Ros) and 22sec for Nicholas Honeybone (Arm) in the boy's version.

A brilliant weekend for all, congrats.
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Josh for NER Talent Camp

4 Jun 2018: Fresh from an NER Bronze and 7 final appearances, Josh Cusack-Hughes (Adw) has been named on the North East Region Performance Programme for 2018.

This is the 12 year olds version of the programme that 6 of our 11 year olds were selected for earlier in the season.
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Results Archive Updated

29 May 2018: Results Archive Two Bronze for Cohen Stephenson (Adw) and a late addition for Josh Cusack-Hughes (Adw) were the medal highlights at the final weekend of NERs.

Another Dartes age-group record for Luke Gilliver (Drn) earned the 10 year old a spot in another 11/12 final in 100m Butterfly.
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A Litchfield Record Smashed

22 May 2018: A brave 200m Butterfly at NERs saw Luke Gilliver (Drn) reach a final and smash a club record in the process!

A baptism of fire for Cody Watkinson (Adw) in the 400m IM, and two Bronze medals for our veteran age-groupers.
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Results Archive Updated

21 May 2018: Results Archive Results from weekend 1 of NER age-group Championships have been added to the archive.

Among them two Bronze medals for Ben Wright (Arm) and Cohen Stephenson (Adw), and a mightily impressive 10 year old Dartes record for Luke Gilliver (Drn). Is this the first Max Litchfield (Spa) record to be smashed?
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Training Times Updated

12 May 2018: With our new training schedule up and running, each squad's training times have been updated in the Squad Info section.

There are still a few additions to be made (Phase 4 land training for instance), but the rest is pretty much set.
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Results Archive Updated

9 May 2018: Results Archive Catching up on meet results, this weekend's NER Champs have been added along with CoLeeds National Qualifier, Hull's Easter Meet, and Sheffield Premier Meet.

A few club records among them for Olivia Phelan (Adw) and Madison Johnson (Arm).
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6 for Yorkshire Camp

7 May 2018: Back in March we found out a quarter of the 11 year olds selected for the Swim England County Pathway Programme are from Dartes! Congratulations to those 6.

At this age though, it's just the beginning. There's plenty of time for more of you to add yourselves to the list next season.
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March Sprints - Thanks

Another massive thank you to the army of volunteers and officials who make our meets such a success.

Results will be available shortly. Don't forget our B Grade meet in June too.
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Team Hats and Bags

Just in time for the onset of winter we have team pom pom hats available. Help avoid those winter illnesses by keeping your hair and ears covered on the way to and from training.

The new TYR team bags are also available embroided with Dartes logo and your name. The previous version was extremely popular, we expect nothing else from this new version.
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Using Pace Clocks

Pace Clocks Being able to use pace clocks is an essential skill for swimmers of all ages. We know some of you struggle and shy away from using them, so here are some helpful hints.

The key point is: never give up. Use them on every swim and within a few weeks you'll be happy to use them.
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What do you learn from Swimming?

Successful Team It's not just swimming skills you learn in the pool. Take a look at the top 10 life lessons you can make use of out of the water.

From simply showing up on time to dealing with strange people and managing your time effectively, it all helps mould you in to a successful person.
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Meet Protocol

Blood flow prior to pool warm up at Middlesboro residential weekend To save you thinking first thing on meet day morning, we have a meet protocol to tell you exactly what to do when you arrive at competitions.

Be sure to arrive in time to start your blood flow warm up a good 10mins prior to the start of the first warm up.
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Be Good Lane Mates

Meet Calendar How many times do coaches yell at you for blocking the finish for your team mates in training? Are you one of those annoying swimmers who just loves getting in the way?

Here are a few helpful hints on how you can be a better team mate. You thought this stuff only happened at Dartes, right? Oh how wrong are you!
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