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Winter Yorkshires Entries

We are now collecting entries for Winter Yorkshires. Our deadline has been set as Monday 2nd September.

Check the Meet Calendar for more details of who this meet is for and which events to enter.

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We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Results Archive Updated

8 Jul 2019: Results Archive Results from the weekend's Hull End of Season meet are now in the archive.

10 girls contested 200m Butterfly on Saturday, 8 of them were Dartes! On the Sunday, 5 Dartes boys did likewise. Welcome to the Animal Squad.

Overall some strong performances and a dominant display.
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The Final Test of the Season

6 Jul 2019: The gruelling 2000m test set was thrown at Phase 4 on Tuesday.

Leading the way throughout was Callum Broadhead (Arm), finishing in a very respectable 27min.

The Top 4 all managed 27mins.
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Phase 5 Go 4x400m Kick

26 Jun 2019: This Tuesday Phase 5 got in on the 4x400m kick test set action, and did pretty well.

A new squad record was set (by default, being the first time) by Chantelle Waugh (Arm) being the first we've seen under 6min!

We suspect it'll take more than that to head the leaderboard next time though.
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3rd at White Rose

22 Jun 2019: The annual White Rose Junior League got under way this morning with 7 teams taking part at John Charles in Leeds.

A strong performance from our youngest stars to put together a late challenge to finish equal 3rd with City of Sheffield.
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Abs of Steel

16 Jun 2019: We seem to have an inter-Phase core strength challenge brewing.

It began with Phase 5's triangle planks a couple of weeks ago, but then Phase 4 retaliated with Polygons and a crazy chair thing.

We've created a gallery page to track where this goes.
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... and then there were 12

15 Jun 2019: Sneaking into the Phase 2 selection list for English Nationals is James Robinson (Adw) in the 1500m Freestyle.

We also have 2 more events added to the list at British for Chantelle Waugh (Arm) to make her trip to Glasgow more worthwhile.

Those changes, make 2019 Dartes' 5th best year on record.
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DMasa Head Coaches Meeting

14 Jun 2019: The 2nd DMasa Head Coaches meeting of the season took place last night at Rossington.

Improved inter-club communications, closer working practices, and a general positive vibe were the key points from the evening.
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Backstroke Wedges Coming Soon

8 Jun 2019: Thanks to a generous grant from Persimmon Homes, we are in the process of sourcing Backstroke wedges.

We're hoping for 6 to enable our Adwick meets to use them, but they are still quite expensive so we shall have to see.

A big thank you to Persimmon Homes Building Futures initiative.
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Summer Schedule

The summer break is nearly upon us, so here is our reduced summer training timetable.

Much the same as every other year, but be sure to familiarise yourselves with the details ahead of time.

Talk to your coach/squad manager if you're unsure about anything.
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Georgia and Autism

Georgia's Autism Awareness Tattoo It's not every day one of our own gets featured in Swimming World.

A star of NCAA Div2 swimming Georgia Wright (Arm) was recently interviewed regarding her autism diagnosis and her college swimming career in the states.
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So You Think You're Tough?

It's not time for the Animal Trials just yet, but for those animals out there who love pushing themselves, here's a little article about tough-guy Eric Vendt.

Even Phelps says Vendt worked hard - there's a compliment!

America's best 1500m Freestyler of his day, what can you learn from him?
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Kickboard Challenge

More colourfully decorated kickboards appear on pool deck all the time. It brightens up our training environment a little.

The best decorated boards (or pull buoys) make it into our kickboard challenge gallery, so why not have a go with yours.

Pro tip: plan it beforehand!
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Hard Work and Tiredness

Many of you in Phase 5 have discovered new levels of tiredness recently.

Coach Phil stumbled across an article this week that might put some of that in to perspective for you. Especially the final few paragraphs.
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New Season Training Timetable

16 Aug 2018: We've changed training times slightly for Phases 4 and 5 once training resumes in September.

Phases 1 to 3 remain unchanged.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are our week day mornings open to both squads, and Phase 5 get a Saturday evening too. Familiarise yourselves with the changes and what they mean for you.
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Be Good Lane Mates

Meet Calendar How many times do coaches yell at you for blocking the finish for your team mates in training? Are you one of those annoying swimmers who just loves getting in the way?

Here are a few helpful hints on how you can be a better team mate. You thought this stuff only happened at Dartes, right? Oh how wrong are you!
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Meet Protocol

Blood flow prior to pool warm up at Middlesboro residential weekend To save you thinking first thing on meet day morning, we have a meet protocol to tell you exactly what to do when you arrive at competitions.

Be sure to arrive in time to start your blood flow warm up a good 10mins prior to the start of the first warm up.
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