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Training Returns

We're back in the pool Wed 2nd Dec. Small change around Friday nights with JDS and Phase 4 swapping pools.

Zoom Schedule

Lockdown Zoom schedule continues Mon/Tue. From Wed 2nd onwards we revert to our normal schedules.

We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Development Squad Selection

20 Dec 2020: Congratulations to Grace Blair (Adw) for her selection to the Yorkshire Triathlon Development Squad.

Just like on the swimming version that we regularly place athletes on, Triathlon has a similarly structured development pathway for young athletes.
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Crossover Turns

13 Dec 2020: We were having a look at Phase 5 Crossover turns on Friday.

A few small adjustments are needed, so here are a few slo-mo videos to get the points across.

The usual one is turning too far on to the front. There are a few diving too deep with the head too.
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Monitoring Growth

29 Nov 2020: Our growth monitoring project has taken a back seat of late, and it was taking up a lot of land training time.

So instead, we're going to throw it at you to complete. Take out your tape measures each month and email the coaches your stats.

We've created a page to explain the whats and whys. Entirely optional of course, but this is something high level athletes should be doing regularly anyway.
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Resistance Band Work

11 Nov 2020: To kick off lockdown 2, Coach Dave has put together a guidance video for using resistance bands to improve your shoulder health.

Hopefully there's enough detail to help our athletes understand the reasons for doing each exercise.

Follow along at home, but start with light resistance until you're happy with the moves.
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A Successful Level X Round 1

7 Nov 2020: Official Level X leaderboards haven't been published yet, but it looks like a strong showing throughout the Dartes squads.

For the 13yo boys, the 100m IM looks like a 1-2 for Callum Broadhead (Arm) and Luke Gilliver (Drn).

700 race swims in a single week by Dartes swimmers to give everyone a chance at getting on the leaderboard. We have a closer look at those set for a Top 10 finish.
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Results Archive Updated

5 Nov 2020: Results Archive Last night's JDS Level X time trials are now in the archive.

That's 456 time trials run in the past week. It was a bit of a rush due to the impending lockdown, but we got there just in time.

Many thanks to our time keepers, meet officials, athletes, and of course our competition secretary Carol for entering all the times for Swim England.
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Level X Arrives

29 Oct 2020: Swim England's exciting new race format "Level X" will be coming to Doncaster first thing Saturday morning.

Phase 5 will be kicking off our Level X racing campaign during training at 5am. We will hopefully squeeze Phase 3 in to the action too.

Race suits, racing goggles, and Dartes caps should be brought along.
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Phase 4 Test Set Results

21 Oct 2020: This Sunday saw the continued return of our long running Phase 4 test sets.

The 4x400m kick saw Grace Burton (Arm) snatch top spot from the hugely improved Emma Mitchell (Drn).

Kicking over this sort of distance is another area likely to suffer during lockdown. Excellent to see so many improvements on previous times.
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Christmas Training Schedule

21 Dec 2020: Our Christmas training schedule kicks in from Mon 21st December. Please familiarise yourself with what's on offer.

Most of JDS will close for the fortnight, although Phase 3 will have the option of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve early mornings should they wish.

There are Zoom dryland sessions included for Phase 5. Phase 4 and JDS Zoom sessions are likely to follow shortly.
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Youth Sport Nutrition

Last week we renewed our relationships with Youth Sport Nutrition for another year.

A bunch of freebies arrived (bottles, shakers, PRO-TEEN pouches, and the new NUTRI-TEEN oat bar - we will probably distribute those based on Level X rankings.

There is also an online nutrition workshop to arrange, which you'll all be invited to.
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Every Mind Matters

In these trying times we should all spend a little time and effort looking out for our mental health.

Many athletes obsess about their physical prowess, their strength and fitness, but often overlook that most powerful and sometimes fragile muscle in their head.

With 1 in 4 people suffering in any given year, learn how to help yourselves and each other.
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Committee Meeting Minutes

3 Dec 2020: Meeting Minutes First meeting of the new committee were held on 3rd December. The minutes for that are now available to be viewed by the wider membership.

They have been added to the collection of other meeting minutes that are available for reading.
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AGM Meeting Minutes

19 Nov 2020: Meeting Minutes Our AGM was held at the end of November to appoint a new committee and agree some important decisions for the club's future.

The minutes from that meeting, and the approved minutes from the previous year, are no available for the membership to read via our meeting minutes archive.
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Committee Meeting Minutes

11 Aug 2020: Meeting Minutes An additional committee meeting was held on 29th July to discuss JDS provision and other club developments.

Those minutes are now available on this website for anyone who would like to review them.
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Training Idea for the Home

18 Mar 2020: During this time of no-swimming, it's important to keep training regularly. We've created a page to keep you heading in the right direction.

Boredom is another big problem during periods of isolation. Sticking to the training schedule we've published should help with that too.
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Meet Entries: for all

Due to the pandemic all meet licences have been suspended until the new year 2021. We've had no confirmation to date as to when meets will start up. That will be dependent on government guidance, leisure centre operators, and availability of meet officials.

At the moment, you know as much as we do.