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Phase 4 Attendance

Congratulations Phase 4. Half the squad are above 90% attendance (in the green) at the end of week 6. No one is below 70% (in the red).

The best start to any season on record - look forward to a fast season!

We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

One Eye on the Past

23 Oct 2016: Nick and Max in a 2009 photoshoot Keeping up with what our former athletes are up to in their senior programmes is always pretty tough. This week we make it a little easier for you.

From winning top swimmer awards for college swimming in the US, to three of our former Dartes National Squad boys earning selection to prestigious British Swimming squads, it's been a busy but rewarding week.
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Steady Test Set Opener

23 Oct 2016: Top spot for Ben The traditional 2x800m Freestyle test set for Phase 4 happened on Tuesday. We had been hoping for record breaking performances, we'll have to wait until next time.

Top man was Ben Wright (Arm) struggling, like many, to move through the gears so early in the season. There are fireworks to come from a few, we're sure of that, but we'll have to wait until after bonfire night!
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AASE Programme for Josh

22 Oct 2016: Josh National Gold for 200m Butterfly We've had a number of representatives on AASE since it began, and we've crossed paths with them on training camps many times too. For this year it's the turn of Josh Reasbeck (Edl) to enjoy his week in the Tenerife sun with top swimmers from around the UK.

An ASA National Gold also brought with it a place on the ASA Beacon programme for this season too.
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Results Archive Updated

16 Oct 2016: Results Archive Adding 50m sprint events and the 100m IM to Winter Yorkshires certainly had its critics, but it's shaken up the Dartes Records and Top 6 Performers lists!

Following on from the success of our younger swimmers earlier in the month, the older ones added many more fast swims this weekend. We stopped counting at 30 improvements on the Top 6 Lists! A fantastic job done by all.
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Gold Medal Coach

15 Oct 2016: Edlington's club championships took a special twist earlier this week. Head Coach Paul Storey found himself in a race against Dartes assistant coach Phil Marshall.

A fun race enjoyed by all (of those on the side watching).

Well done coaches.
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Record Breaking Start

13 Oct 2016: We've had a busy opening month and a bit. 24 swims have affected the Dartes Top 6 performers lists across the age-groups. Madison Johnson (Drn) is 1 of 3 swimmers claiming multiple Dartes age-group records already this season.

Here's a quick look back at some of the highlights of the 2016 season so far.
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Joint Best for 8x25 Fly Kick

12 Oct 2016: Round 2 of the new test set for Phase 4 produced joint record holders. 8x25yd Fly kick setting an average pace of 17.11sec.

Hannah Newnham (Arm) and Casey Waugh (Arm) were also 1st and 2nd last time, but the boys are sneaking up and may yet upset their dominance in 6 weeks time.
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Results Archive Updated

10 Oct 2016: Results Archive Results from Doncaster's annual inter-club battle 'The Mets' have been added to the archive for Dartes members past and present.

Lots of fast swimming across the board. This meet traditionally serves as a rare opportunity to get on the top performers list for 100m IM. Ajay Scott (Arm), Blaine Underwood (Adw), and Amber Hardy (Adw) did just that, improving previous attempts or sliding in to the list fresh.
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Olympian visits Armthorpe

4 Oct 2016: Max Litchfield with Cyril! The Max Litchfield (Spa) roadshow continues. Fresh from the excitement of Rio, Armthorpe SC invited him to talk to their young swimmers. Along for the ride were Dartes Head Coach Andrew Wallace and former Dartes team mate David Holmes (Arm).

A few took the opportunity to get autographs and photos, including Cyril - Nicholas Honeybone (Arm)!
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Results Archive Updated

3 Oct 2016: Results Archive Results from the first weekend of Winter Yorkshires have been added to the archive.

A solid showing by our young stars to earn 12 medals. Among them, 3 of our athletes set 4 new Dartes age-group records in the 50m sprints, alongside a number of 2nd best all-time performances in some of the 100m events.

Well done everyone, more of the same from the older age groups in a couple of weeks.
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Animal Squad Returns

27 Sep 2016: The York City Autumn Extravaganza saw the return of the Dartes Animal Squad to recognise the toughest of the tough. To book your place, compete at 200m Butterfly, 400m IM, 800m/1500m Freestyle and get your name up in lights.

Six athletes have qualified from our first meet of the season, with many more to follow we hope. Ria Finch (Adw) was one of two girls contesting two of the Animal Events.
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Secret Celebration

25 Sep 2016: Max Litchfield Olympics Celebration We've just had a busy weekend. Two meets and a top secret celebration for an Olympic finalist.

Former Dartes team mates from the past decade enjoyed a reunion on Saturday evening to congratulate Max Litchfield (Spa) on his Rio exploits. Old habits die hard, so we sent a woman with a camera to take some mementoes. A rather star-studded line up of old faces was the result.
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England Talent Selection

16 Sep 2016: We were reminded yesterday of last year's England Talent Programme selections, then realised we've never had a section for them on the site. Well now we do.

Belated congratulations to Robbie Casson (Adw) and Charlotte Howard (Arm) for their first selections at level 1 last season, alongside regulars Laura Brookes (Edl) and Joe Litchfield (Spa) at level 2 and 3.
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Meet Entries: NER Winter Champs

19 Oct 2016: All entries for NER Winter Championships in Sunderland need to be with Neil by 19th Oct please.

There are still 1 or 2 meets to earn qualifying times, but after those don't delay. Check the Qualifying Times document for more details.
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Training Alterations

20 Oct 2016: Training Alterations Due to our annual training camp over the half term break, there are a few training schedule changes affecting Phase 4 and 5.

Please familiarise yourself with them and check back for any corrections nearer the time.

Hall Cross Land training is also cancelled for the duration of the training camp.
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Coaching Opportunity

30 Oct 2016: Coaches coaching Our good friends at Borough of Kirklees are advertising a professional coaching position through Kirklees Active Leisure. The role is for an ASA level 2 teacher/coach, to work alongside Head Coach Mark Lapin at various sites around Huddersfield.

More details, along with salary, are available on their website.
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Coach Development Workshops

13 Nov 2016: A previous coach education dayASA Talent Officer, Fred Furniss, is set to deliver two free coach development CPD workshops over the Autumn. These are aimed at club level coaches. Edlington pool is one of the venues for the first workshop on Sun 13 Nov.

The workshops will focus on stroke development and coaching the young swimmer in the formative years. We highly recommend signing up.
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Meet Entries: Harrogate Janus

20 Nov 2016: The traditional final qualifying event for Yorkshire Championships is Harrogate's Janus meet in early January.

This is an extremely popular meet and fills up within minutes of it opening for entries. Get your entries to Neil before Nov 20th to be in with a shot.
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Using Pace Clocks

Pace Clocks Being able to use pace clocks is an essential skill for swimmers of all ages. We know some of you struggle and shy away from using them, so here are some helpful hints.

The key point is: never give up. Use them on every swim and within a few weeks you'll be happy to use them.
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What do you learn from Swimming?

Successful Team It's not just swimming skills you learn in the pool. Take a look at the top 10 life lessons you can make use of out of the water.

From simply showing up on time to dealing with strange people and managing your time effectively, it all helps mould you in to a successful person.
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Meet Protocol

Blood flow prior to pool warm up at Middlesboro residential weekend To save you thinking first thing on meet day morning, we have a meet protocol to tell you exactly what to do when you arrive at competitions.

Be sure to arrive in time to start your blood flow warm up a good 10mins prior to the start of the first warm up.
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Be Good Lane Mates

Meet Calendar How many times do coaches yell at you for blocking the finish for your team mates in training? Are you one of those annoying swimmers who just loves getting in the way?

Here are a few helpful hints on how you can be a better team mate. You thought this stuff only happened at Dartes, right? Oh how wrong are you!
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