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Easter Training

Pay special attention to training changes over Easter. Saturday and Sunday are unaffected, just Friday and Monday are cancelled.

We are continuing with the changes due to British Championships though, so have a refresh.


We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

British Champs Action

Coach Andy and our 3 juniors 13-16 Apr: As most of you will know, we've had 3 of our juniors competing at the Commonwealth Games Trials this past week. We've also had 3 of our former athletes competing for spots on the England Team.

Over the next few days we'll be piecing together as much video footage as we can find with pointers to the bits relevant to Dartes.
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Results Archive updated

Results Archive 8 Apr: Despite a bout of illness running through the squad, our highest participation meet of the year (400 swims) gave an enormous 80% PB ratio!

All results from Hull are now in the archive. Finishing positions and medals are not split A/B grade, but just presented here as overall in each age group due to limitations with the meet software.
Results Archive ...

Oh So Close for Rambo

Oh so close for Oliver 'Rambo' Richardson 30 Mar: It would have raised the biggest cheer of the meet, alas Oliver Richardson (Edl) fell just 0.49 outside NQT for 100m Breaststroke.

Not so for club mate Laura Brookes (Edl), she adds two more for the summer (100m Freestyle and 200m Butterfly).
National Squad ...

George and Gill make it 9

29 Mar: Today at Premier Meet, George Scatchard (Spa) made the National Squad for the 3rd consecutive year (100m Backstroke).

In the 200m IM Gillian Clarke (Arm) got her first ever National Time. Between them, they make it a National Squad of 9 so far with 3 months to go.
National Squad ...

NQT for Chantelle!

New record for Simon 25 Mar: Not often that a new squad record in a test set gets overshadowed.

Simon Kliment (Arm) ducked under 10mins for 2x800m and a new record, but Chantelle Waugh (Arm) set an NQT on rep 2. Well, she sort of did.
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Little Fishy Climbs the Table

Medals 18 Mar: We said last time how tough it is to move up the medal table at Yorkshires, but Holly Fish (Adw) won Gold in the sprint Breaststroke to climb 5 places to #80.

Lots of medals floating around the squad, but no one else has moved up this time.
Medal Table ...

Another Yorkshire Record Tumbles

Close for the Smurf 17 Mar: After Yorkshire Sprints, Dartes now owns Yorkshire Boys Short Course and Long Course 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke records.

Joe Litchfield (Spa) added the Fly and lowered his Backstroke on Saturday. That's a total of 10 Yorkshire Boys records divided among 5 athletes.
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The Girls Challenge on 4x400m Kick

Close for the Smurf 12 Mar: 3 girls started determined to snatch the 4x400m record in Phase 4's test set.

Chantelle Waugh (Arm) equalled the 2nd fastest effort ever, Grace Litchfield (Min) and Tilly Arrand (Arm) were hot on her heels.

They're close enough for all 3 to beat it next time.
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Magnificent Medal Maniacs at Yorkshires

Gillian: Medal Machine 26 Feb: You've seen the stats, now meet the stars.

19 medallists amassing 61 little shiny things and a few extra bonus awards too. We're enjoying 2014 Yorkshire Championships so far - and we're looking forward to the sprints.
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Scores on the Doors

Medals 25 Feb: If you've been around Dartes for a while, you'll know how much we love the numbers!

We've compiled a bunch of interesting statistics from the first 2 weekends of Yorkshires to compare our performance with everyone else.
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Moving up the Medal Table

Results Archive 24 Feb: Climbing the medal table is tough with just Yorkshire silverware.

Highest climber is Ben Wright (Arm) jumping 6 places to #81. 4 Golds only move Bradley Hurdiss (Drn) 2 places higher at #51. Charlotte Howard (Arm) chases him for #54, while another 200m Fly Bronze for Josh Reasbeck (Edl) puts him 105th (up 3).
Medal Table ...

Near Miss for Harwey

23 Feb: With Simon Kliment (Arm) ill for the Backstrokes, it fell to Harvey Williamson (Arm) to fly the flag at Yorkshires.

A Silver medal was nearly only part of the story as he touched in 1:11.88, less than half a second away from NQT and a 5sec PB!


Minster Raffle

Meet Raffle With another meet just around the corner, we're hoping to deliver another of our monster raffles.

If everyone can bring just one small raffle prize before the weekend it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, as always.

Safeguarding Children CPD Course

Essential for all officials 30 Apr: An essential CPD for all practicing club officials, Doncaster has this 3 hour course running at Dearne Valley on 30 April.

Bookings for this course close on 23rd April.
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Level 1 Coaching Course

19 May: Doncaster has a UKCC Level 1 Coaching Swimming course running at Dearne Valley from June.

Dartes already has a number of candidates for that course, but places remain. Course tutor will be James Richards. Closing date is 19th May!
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Using Foam Rollers

Stretching Poolside You'll have seen various athlete in Phase 5 carrying strange tubular devices and probably wondered what they are. It's all about self-myofascial release.

"It's what?"
We hear you ask.

Here are a couple of articles discussing the how and why of foam rolling. Talk to Coach Andy before embarking on foam rolling.

The articles:
- Download the How
- Read and Watch

Milk - Superb Recovery Drink

We all know that lots of protein is important to help the body repair and recover after hard training, but who thought it was this easy.

A large glass of milk is one of the best recovery drinks available - and costs a fraction of those expensive sports drinks you all like so much.
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Order Team Kit Online

Unofficial Team Kit To speed up the ordering of Official Team Kit you can now place orders directly with our supplier online. They'll contact you regarding embroidery.

This should streamline the process - and we like to be streamlined.
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Life as a Swimmer


quote of the day by my dad "if your pee is gold... your medal won't be." great hydration advice there Big G. #hydrationiskey


Volunteer timekeeping at the All Florida Invite today! My dad would be so proud -- #GoGators


After stopping by the pool this afternoon man am I happy I'm not in the water right now...3x1000 for the younger kids today as a workout...


There are a lot of poor female role models out there and then there are the chicks from #TeamGB. I want to be like them when I grow up


They may become harder to achieve, but your dreams can't stop because you've hit a certain age or you've had a child.

Rowdy Gaines

Every single drug test from the US Olympic Swim Trials came back negative...USA!


oh my god, my pillow and kit bag take up one bag!!! Haha! Xx

Libby Trickett

All time mid season back end speed 50 PB!! So happy. Ps I'm amazed if anyone other than swimmers know what this means!!

Katherine Wyld

One skill I have learnt from training camps and will never forget: smuggling vast quantities of food out of breakfast without detection.


I keep getting asked, so when does the training for Olympics start? Eh, since I was 8 years old mate.