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Live Workouts

For all our JDS swimmers live workouts will take place on Zoom at 4pm Wednesdays from 15th April. All the details have been emailed to you.

Phase 4 will be Mondays and Phase 5 Fridays. We hope to see you all there.

We Are Doncaster Dartes

We are Doncaster Dartes, the town's Elite Swimming Training Scheme and traditionally one of the top 4 squads in Yorkshire Swimming. In association with Doncaster's swimming clubs, we provide the high performance training and top class, professional swim coaching required to succeed at the very highest level.

Our objective is to provide Doncaster's ambitious swimmers with the Environment, the Skills, and the Coaching Support required to reach the top in British Swimming.

Headlines and Site Updates

Zoom Sessions Growing

27 Apr 2020: The first week of our live Zoom Workouts is complete. We're splitting the squads up to improve the quality and they're proving popular.

We've had 36 involved so far, so don't miss out, jump in. Connection details are in your inbox.
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DIY Swimming Pools

22 Apr 2020: A lack of swimming pools has inspired a few to create their own shorter versions.

Last week we had a proper endless pool, this week we have a few large paddling pool type structures and bungee chords. Of course, not everyone can wait for their pool to be filled before they dive in.
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Latest Evidence Added

17 Apr 2020: Well someone found themselves an endless pool to practice in - who's jealous?

For everyone else, it's the usual mix of running, cycling, and a variety of familiar land training exercises.

Keep your photos and videos coming in, we still want to see them. And don't forget the weekly "live workouts" on zoom.
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April Fools - no one?

1 Apr 2020: Today was the day we expected claims of crazy hard work being done.

But mid-day passed by and no one even tried. You're all too late now April Fools day has been and gone.

And besides, we kind of believe Megan Wood (Arm) really does do 5km daily runs. But how much have you been doing?
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Hula-Hooping Heroes

30 Mar 2020: Keep those photos and videos coming in. Here we have a few more examples, including two hula-hooping heroes, alongside the usual assortment of runners and cyclists.

In addition, a time-lapse of a full workout. See if you can identify all the exercises involved in that workout.
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Results Archive Updated

30 Mar 2020: Results Archive Results from the Team Jorvik Spring Festival are now in the archive.

For many, this was a first attempt at long course racing with around 50% of performances being first swims.

With first swims included, this was a massive 93% PB ratio for an early season long course meet, and nearly 60% medal ratio too. Well done to everyone.
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Quick catch up

25 Mar 2020: Coach Dave has just posted a quick catch up video to remind everyone what they should be doing.

We've updated the daily evidence too. Keep those photos coming in. We want to see what you're doing, and everyone else needs to see it too.
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Links for Today

23 Mar 2020: Stretching is important too There are a lot of good resources being created for dryland swim training at the moment. Rather than invent our own, we'll point you at the best stuff we've found elsewhere.

The standard plan we published previously still stands, but variety is going to be key going forwards, so select the style you prefer and the coaches will focus on pointing you in the right direction.
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Sunday's Hard Workers

22 Mar 2020: Riverside Running Lots more reports of our swimmers taking on the challenge of pool closures. Here's Daisy Guttridge (Edl) taking her daily 5km run (we applaud all the running being done).

We also have Madison Johnson (Arm) turning pool sets in to rowing sets. Team Keefe and a few others have turned garages in to make shift gyms.

It's been a fantastic response to the challenge. Keep the photos/videos coming in, we need to see you all working!
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Funky Trunks Challenge

22 Mar 2020: Running Lakeside When Ripley Rascals SC laid down the Funky Trunks Challenge on twitter yesterday Luke Gilliver (Drn) stepped up to fly the flag for Dartes.

How many trunks can you pull on in 30 secs (girls 1min for suits)?

You have until around 4pm Sunday to enter. Post your videos on Twitter.
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The Lakeside Runners

21 Mar 2020: Running Lakeside We've heard rumours that a few of you have been doing the Lakeside run. The problem is, we've only had a single piece of evidence so far!

We want to know what you've all been doing.

Continuing to train will help your eventual return to the pool, especially for those with big meets coming up.
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Coaches Day at the Park

21 Mar 2020: What's happening at the park? So why would there be a couple of med balls and a Finis backpack lying around at Sandall Park?

Our 3 lead coaches decided to do a med ball workout followed by a run to show the swimmers how it's done.

It's all on YouTube, and they want to see your efforts too!
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Fuerteventura Land Training

21 Mar 2020: Dartes in Fuerteventura Back in October, Phase 5 enjoyed a week in the sun on the isle of Fuerteventura.

Pre-pool, stretching, and land training made up their dry land work that week and they made it look pretty good.

As that's all we're doing for the foreseeable future, let's take a look. How much of this can you use today?
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Strength Work in the Evenings

20 Mar 2020: By way of encouragement Coach Dave is following the same training plan we've published for you.

A different workout, but a run in the morning, followed by an hour of strength work in the afternoon/evening. We've posted proof to YouTube.

Now it's your turn, you'd better be joining in.
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Training Cancelled

17 March 2020: Following Swim England guidance, training is currently cancelled until further notice.

Obviously we don't know how long this situation is going to continue for. We will be in regular contact with all members via email, the first of which should have arrived in your inbox on the evening of Tue 17th March.

Training Idea for the Home

18 Mar 2020: During this time of no-swimming, it's important to keep training regularly. We've created a page to keep you heading in the right direction.

Boredom is another big problem during periods of isolation. Sticking to the training schedule we've published should help with that too.
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National Qualifying Changes

18 Mar 2020: Assuming Summer Nationals go ahead, the qualifying criteria has been significantly changed. If we understand it correctly, you already know whether you can expect to have qualified or not.

Performances between 1st July 2019 and 12th March 2020 will be considered for invitations. Where does that put you - train hard at home, your season isn't over yet!
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Training Schedule Changes

5 Mar: We are changing our training times for Phase 4 and Phase 5 on a Thursday evening. This is intended to alleviate some of the extreme tiredness suffered by our older athletes.

To summarise Thursdays:
- P4 now trains at Edlington from 18:30.
- P5 trains at Rossington from 17:30.
And a change to Saturdays:
- P5 trains at Edlington from 5:45 AM.
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CPD: Team Manager Module 1

Essential for all officials 18 Mar 2020: This has now been cancelled!

We will be running a Team Manager Course on 18th March, 6-9pm at Adwick. The course is a requirement for poolside staff at local club or one day competition.

Team managers for chaperoned meets or overseas events will need to complete this as a starting point. More information can be found on the Swim England website.

Anyone interested in attending this 3-hour course should contact our Welfare officer.
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Meet Entries: NER Champs

6 Apr: North East Regional Champs will be our final meet in the national qualifying window.

Entries should be submitted by 5pm Monday 6th April for both age-group and Youth Champs.

That gives you both DX meets plus Sheffield Premier before entries need to be submitted.

Our Meet Calendar shows all meets we're attending this season to help you plan your entries.
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Meet Entries: Hull End of Season

6 Apr: For Phase 4 and JDS we are now collecting entries for the Hull end of season meet.

All entries should be submitted by 5pm Monday 6th April. It's a little early, but this is a very popular first come, first served meet.

For JDS this is a good opportunity to get times on the rankings for events you might not have tried previously.

Our Meet Calendar shows all meets we're attending this season to help you plan your entries.
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CPD: Land Training

16 May 2020: We are hosting a Land Training, Strength and Conditioning CPD workshop at Adwick on Saturday 16th May.

This is a 4hr studio-based course accredited by Swim England, and places should be booked via the NER.
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