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Locations: Ennerdale Leisure Centre

Need help finding your way to some exotic open meet. Want to know the best places to park or how far the pool is from the station? You can help provide those answers for everyone else, send the webmaster your hints and tips.

Ennerdale Leisure Centre

Ennerdale Leisure Centre hosts all the Kingston upon Hull meets we attend each year in addition to the odd York City Baths Club meet. It's a popular pool with plenty of space poolside. Be aware that the glass roof can make things pretty warm on sunny days, so dress accordingly and bring plenty to drink.

In 2012 the centre management decided to take additional measures regarding photography during swim meets. The usual photography book has been deemed inadequate, and now they insist on coaches signing off individual parents. This is nothing to do with either club operating meets out of this facility, so please don't vent your frustration at meet officials.

Competition Facilities

The Team at Ennerdale Ennerdale leisure centre hosts most of the popular Hull open meets, it offers:

Travelling (Car Park and Directions)

The leisure centre has its own car park, but on the day of a swim meet, you can expect it being rather crowded. There are local shops a few minutes walk from the main entrance, and Asda a short drive away. In summer, lunch time breaks are usually spent picnicking on the leisure centre lawn.

Staying Over?

The Team at Ennerdale Let's face it, Hull is a bit of a trek. The last thing you want after a day sitting by a hot, sweaty swimming pool is an hour long drive home followed by an early start and another hour of driving the next morning. Much easier to stay 5mins down the road from the pool, enjoy an evening meal in a restuarant with team mates and have a relaxing start the next morning.

Premier Inn (Hull North)

The Premier Inn (Hull North) can be found at the opposite end of Thomas Clarkson Way to the Ennerdale Leisure Centre. Most teams staying over, will be staying here. As usual, the Premier Inn is located next to various restaurants and there's a large Asda superstore over the road too.

For the best deals, book early. There are usually cheap rooms available before they realise they're about to be bombarded with 100s of swimmers and their families. You can also book through Easy Fundraising and raise money for Dartes along the way.

Additional Information

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