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Dinsdale League, 2009

The Dinsdale league is a 2 division series of dual meets between the clubs of Doncaster. Each club fields 2 teams at each meet, the point are combined at the end. Restrictions usually apply as to who can compete. In recent years medalists from the DMASA 'Met' Championships have been excluded. Check the rules for 2009.

Can you provide results from your own club or notify of any errors? If so, contact the webmaster.

Results on these pages are not official. They are here as a guide only and to help everyone keep track of our local leagues.

Results and League Tables from the Dinsdale League

Divison 1

Adwick, Armthorpe, Spa Askern, and 1 other

September 26, at Askern

Pos Club Gala Pts
1st Adwick 272
2nd Spa Askern 184

Thanks to Neil Stephenson, Head Coach Adwick.

July 11, at Armthorpe

Pos Club Gala Pts
1st Armthorpe 279
2nd Spa Askern 206

Thanks to Kev Nicholas, Head Coach Spa Askern.

June 13, at ?

Pos Club Gala Pts
1st Armthorpe 246
2nd Adwick 239

Thanks to Mandi Briggs, Armthorpe.

Divison 2

Competing teams: Edlington, Rossington, and others.

September 19, at Rossington

Pos Club Gala Pts
1st Edlington 237
2nd Thorne 213

Information from the Thorne Website.

June 27, at Rossington

Pos Club Gala Pts
1st Rossington 272
2nd Thorne 174

Thanks to Clive Greenhalgh, Rossington

March 29, at Rossington

Pos Club Gala Pts
1st Edlington 238
2nd Rossington 236

Thanks to David Millar, Edlington