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News April 2009

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

Free Press Article

Sophie 30 Apr: This week's Free Press has a double page spread article written by their reporter Paul Goodwin and a great many photos accompanying it from last Tuesdays training session.

Could this be the start of Dartes and Doncaster Swimming appearing in the local media more often?

If that's to happen we need your help!

We need one or two people to regularly submit articles to the local press each month. Either write your own or copy the many meet write ups that appear on this website. There are lots of papers desperate for news stories, from the Free Press as in this case, to small village papers that often get pushed through residents' letter boxes.

Most Improved Help raise the profile of swimming throughout Doncaster by getting involved and helping out. Remember: our swimmers work far too hard to be completely ignored by the local community. Help to get word out about their efforts and their achievements.

And don't sit back thinking someone else will volunteer so you don't have to. This is your chance to be a proud member of the Dartes team! Talk to Chris Hirst to find out how little effort is required and how much the club will benefit from your involvement putting Dartes in the public eye.

For those of you busy spotting and complaining about the one or two tiny inaccuracies in the article, please keep it in perspective. Doncaster Swimming has a two page spread in the Free Press -- That's what's important here! Errors will always sneak in.

Many thanks to Paul Goodwin and the Free Press Photographer Michael Ford for their work on the feature article.

Doncaster Sport Award Nominations

Max: Junior Sports Personality? 30 Apr: Dartes has two nominations in the Keepmoat Stadium Doncaster Sports Awards in association with the Doncaster Free Press.

Both 'Amateur Sports Club of the Year' and 'Junior Sports Personality of the Year' nominations have progressed to the finals stage and we've been invited to the awards ceremony at the Keepmoat Stadium. Max Litchfield (Spa) has been nominated as the Junior Sports Personality due to his outstanding performances over the past 12 months.

The ceremony which takes place on Friday, 22nd May at the Keepmoat Stadium includes a 2-course presentation dinner at the Lakeside Restaurant followed by the obligatory disco. Also attending the event will be former GB Rugby League captain Ellery Hanley and Doncaster's very own Olympic Bronze medallist Sarah Stevenson.

Club Chairman, Chris Hirst, has provisionally booked 2 tables of 10 with enough reservations already to fill 1 table. Tickets are £15 per head so book fast to avoid disappointment (talk to Chris for more details).

[Name Removed] Heading For Nationals

Heading for Nationals 22 Apr: With the recent decision to re-introduce S14 category swimmers to ASA Nationals [Name Removed] (Drn) becomes the 7th member of the 2009 National Squad having qualified so far for 5 events.

With plenty more time to come before the entry deadline, [Name Removed] has her sights well and truly fixed on qualifying for Butterfly too. Her next opportunity is likely to come at the British International Disability Swimming Championships at Ponds Forge in May. Watch this space ...
National Squad ...

You Think You Have Problems?

19 Apr: With all the broken bones you guys have suffered this year, it's nice (if nice is the right word) to discover you're not alone and that it might have been worse!

Olympian, Megan Jendrick, tells about her recent adventures with the US Navy SEALs.

Hope the ankle heals up soon James!

More Coach Education

18 Apr: Over this weekend a number of Doncaster's coaches are taking part in the first module of the new UKCC Level 3 Senior Coach qualification.

Dartes assistant coach Dave Cuthbert (Spa) joined by Phil Hughes (SAS), Vicky Norman (Ros), and Phil Gaukrodger (Ros) will be attending the course at the John Charles centre hosted by Terry Dennison (former coach of Olympic Champion Adrian Moorhouse).

The NQT Rush Continues

12 Apr: What a difference 12 months of hard work makes. In 2008 we only had 4 swimmers accepted into the Derventio eXcel open meet at Ponds Forge. This year, thanks in large part to the fantastic performances put down by team Dartes over the past few months, we took a team of 17!

Joe Litchfield, Top Boy It seems that every meet we attend recently throws up new National Qualifiers. This weekend was no different. In 2008 we came away from Derventio without a single NQT being recorded, this time we had 9 from 4 different athletes.

The new one came courtesy of Joe Litchfield (Spa) who repeated his fine display of 200m Backstroke swimming from the Yorkshires to record a near 2sec PB to dip under the NQT and claim Gold.

But if that was the highlight, there was plenty more mischief for our 10 year old boys to get upto. If it wasn't Joe winning 4 Golds and 3 Silvers (with a 4th place thrown in for good measure) on his way to winning top boy, it was his partner in crime Jarvis Parkinson (Tho) bringing home another 3 Gold medals.

8 events each over the weekend. That's as many swims between the two of them as the entire squad managed last year, and an extra 7 medals and an NQT already!

Being out classed by his younger brother is not something Max Litchfield (Spa) is used to. But it almost happened here this weekend. Despite matching Joe's 4 Gold medals, Max could only manage a further 3 Bronze, where Joe had claimed Silver. His saving grace though, 6 confirmed NQTs to Joe's solitary new one. Perhaps we call that a draw, especially seeing as Max too won top boy for his age group.

Chloe and Sophie It's easy to get carried away with the 10 years boys winning medals left right and centre, but what about the girls? Well between them, Chloe Hardy (Adw) and Toni Briggs (Arm) came home with 4 Bronze medals and Chloe was also 3rd Top Girl in her age.

Strangely it was Toni who brought home 3 of the Bronze medals, yet Chloe's range of PBs earned her more BAGCAT points overall to earn her the 3rd place award. 5 swims for Chloe, and 5 huge best times -- 20 secs worth of improvement on previous best times swum since February! Fully deserving of a hug from Sophie.

There were many other notable performances this weekend: a Butterfly Gold for Elliot Trofimowicz (Spa), a Butterfly Silver for Laura Hirst (Edl). But two more Butterfly medals, this time Bronze for Sophie Coy (Adw) helped confirm her place on the 2009 National Squad, repeating the 100m Fly NQT swum last month in the same pool. In addition, Daniel Warrener (Arm) sneaked inside his 50m Freestyle NQT yet again.
national squad (2009) ...

The Great Suit Debate

6 Apr: You can't have failed to notice the debate about swim suits over the past year. For those of you who've missed the outcome, FINA finally organised a get together in that well known centre of the swimming universe Dubai to thrash out the issues and decide what is, and what is not, a legal swim suit.

If you're not sure what The Great Suit Debate is all about, pop over to Swim News where Times journalist Craig Lord has made it his life's work to give a wonderfully balanced appraisal of the subject in as much passionate detail as you could hope for.

For the rest of you, the following should give you enough information of what the "Dubai Charter" means for British Swimmers:
- Dubai Charter for British Swimmers
This is important! World class swimmers have already been DQd for falling foul of certain points. Sorry Richard, but your super new suit is no longer legal!

This is unlikely to be the last you'll hear on the subject. If you're planning on purchasing an expensive suit in the near future, be very careful (or just don't)!

[If you sense some editorial bias in that, I do apologise.]