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News August 2010

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

Extra Pages for Logbooks

Kim: Awarded Prize for Best Phase 4 Logbook at the Awards Evening 31 Aug: Coach Wallace has created a couple of new pages for the Dartes logbook based on some of the inspired alterations some of our swimmers have made to their own.

There's an improved weekly training log page which now also has a special section for recording swim times, stroke counts, or heart rates from main sets. This page will replace your existing training log pages.

We're also adding a visual volume tracker page. Colour it in like a bar graph each week to keep track of your weekly/cycle volume. It's also an easy way to see which week number and training cycle we're currently in (but only if you keep it up to date - which we're sure you will).

All swimmers in Phase 4 and 5 should now use these sheets once the new season starts on 6th September. They must be kept up to date followiong each session. For Phase 5 log books must be brought for review preferably on monday AM, if not Monday PM. Main sets should be written in and results recorded on main sets and kick sets.

For Phase 4, log books should be brought in on any of the following times (or emailed at any time). Similarly to Phase 5, there will be 1 set each day where you will need to record results, so be sure to bring recording boards.

The new pages:
- Volume Tracker (Excel)
- Training Log (Excel)

Calendar Competition

Dartes Calendar - your chance to help 30 Aug: You may have heard about the ambitious plan to create a Dartes 2011 Calendar. It's a superb project, the artwork for which will get underway this morning on the Clumber Lake walk.

Each month will have its own unique theme. August will feature our merry band of lost outlaws wandering around the lake for example. For March though, the theme is open to all of you. It will be: the swimmers' illustrations.

Be inspired by your favourite swim meet, a cartoon or caricature of the coaching team, or simply a comical drawing that sums up the sport of swimming for you. You have a blank canvas to be as creative as you like, but no larger than A4 in size.

The winning entry will obviously appear on the March page of the calendar, but will also win a fantastic prize. So get out your drawing pencils and sketch pads, paint brushes or crayons, or just fire up your fave drawing package on a laptop, and be creative.

The closing date will be announced later in the year, but don't delay, the more ideas you submit the better your chance of winning.

Swimming Breaststroke - Backwards

23 Aug: Just before the summer break a few of you had a crack at swimming Breaststroke backwards (and that wasn't all). Well thanks to Carlye Ellis from the Texas Longhorns, you get to see what it should look like when done properly.

Before that though, sit back and enjoy Texas taper time as Coach Kim Brackin puts Kirsty Coventry head to head with Suzana Escobar on a 300m Freestyle. There might not have been many girls in the pool that Saturday morning, but between them and their coaches they still manage to add team spirit and atmosphere to the huge Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.

As an extra, extra, right at the end you get to see what happens when you decide to take a breath in the last 5m. Leading all the way down the 50m, that final breath made all the difference - she loses out by a measly 0.01sec (remember Phelps?)


Thanks to FloSwimming for the video.

Torture for Phase 3

Emily makes up for a slow first 800, with a blistering 2nd 22 Aug: Phase 4's Coach Dave popped down to Adwick again this afternoon to put another 4 swimmers from Phase 3 through the torturous 2x800m Freestyle set. This was part of the selection process to find suitable candidates to move into Phase 4 in September. Earlier in the month a further 11 swimmers were put through their paces. All of their times are posted below.

Of those 15 swimmers, there are a maximum of 4 spots (1 pre-selected) available. Selection won't be made purely on speed through the 800s though. In fact those two tough swims highlight so much more than just the final time. Here are a few of the points to look for, just so everyone knows what to work on for next time:

That's not a comprehensive list, as two pages of notes from both sessions testifies. Enough to highlight the importance of developing strong skills at this age though. Only 3 out of the 15 managed point 1, for example.

Name Date 400m 800m 400m 800m
Emily Aug 6:34 13:13 5:53 12:03
Paul Aug 6:10 12:04 6:32 13:02
Josh Aug 6:24 13:06 6:06 12:10
Tyler Aug 6:20 12:58 6:13 12:18
Alex Aug 6:03 12:24 6:11 12:23
Caitlin Aug 6:45 13:18 6:36 12:26
Rebecca Aug 6:28 13:10 6:44 12:33
Katie Aug 6:21 12:49 6:36 12:45
Leanne Aug 6:22 12:51 6:16 12:53
Finleigh Aug 6:35 13:07 6:52 13:37
Lily Aug 6:41 13:08 6:52 13:40
Courtney Aug 7:02 14:15 6:45 13:13
Kirsten Aug 6:33 13:15 6:51 13:35
Olivia Aug 6:32 13:15 6:50 13:34
Alana Aug 7:25 15:01 6:48 13:53

Pay little attention to the order of the list - you'll get no clues from that.

It wasn't just about the 2x800s either. Kicking makes up roughly 25% of the workload in Phase 4, so the session finished off with a chance to see who gives up on the kick sets; there are always a few! The leaders in both groups were hitting 2mins for the 100m reps pretty consistently throughout the set. Good job really, for those lucky 3 or 4 moving up next month that 2min will quickly become your turn round time!

For the rest of you who don't quite make it into Phase 4 in September, there are enough clues above to help you work out what you need to do before the start of cycle 2 after Christmas. To see how your 800m times compare with those already in Phase 4 (just for fun), you can check out July's or May's results.

IPC Swimming World Championships

at IPC World Championships 20 Aug: As most of you will be aware, this past week in Eindhoven Team GB's Disability Swim Team has been scooping up silverware by the bucket load. Among them, competing in the 100m Backstroke and 200m Freestyle was our own [Name Removed] (Spa).

The setting for the event was the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium; Pieter's family being instrumental in the resurgence of Dutch swimming. A slightly more glamorous pool than the one re-named for Becky Adlington 2 years ago.

[Name Removed] successfully reached both finals, swimming best times in each. Her Team GB rival, Natalie Massey, finished one spot ahead of her in the 100m Backstroke touching 5th and 6th ([Name Removed]: 1:14.57). In the 200m Freestyle she smashed her heat time by 3sec to touch 7th in 2:26.42.

You can find all the results from the week's activities, plus a few videos on the event website.
IPC World Championships ...

Sponsored Walk

A smidgen less than 10miles around the lake 30 Aug: To mark the start of your last week of summer freedom (full training resumes in earnest the following Monday), we thought it would be nice to get together and walk the almost 10miles around Clumber Lake at the heart of Clumber Park.

But this isn't just a sponsored walk.
Oh no!

A few of our more ambitious parents are in the process of putting together our very own Dartes 2011 Calendar. Each month will have its own special theme with homorous, journalistic, photographs and illustrations. You guessed it, August will feature our merry band of outlaws wandering aimlessly around the northern fringe of Sherwood Forest (probably lost) on a Bank Holiday Monday.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Never fear, they will be supervised by Helen Heidi's Mum Smith, Leann Shan's Mum Dodson, and Julie Natasha's Mum Crow. Plus of course, any other brave souls who decide to take up the Bank Holiday challenge.

Helping with the photography on the day will be Jamie Clarke's father who has volunteered his services to help with the calendar (he is a professional photographer). A massive thank you to him for giving up his time.

What You Need to Know

Don't forget, this is summer time so be prepared for torrential rain -- the walk shall go on! Bring a sun hat and sun cream too, but be prepared for rain. No matter what the weather is like first thing, it is likely to be very different by the time you've finished the walk.

Who is Welcome to Join in the Fun

In short: everyone.
Swimmers, their parents, their friends. Coaches and club officials too. Although Coach Dave and Chairman Chris will be busy training for next summer's sponsored event and aren't likely to attend (more on that event nearer the time). Everyone else though, is more than welcome.


It costs a great deal of money to employ a full-time Head Coach and provide the water time necessary to achieve at the top level in swimming. All the fund-raising activities we do (our meets, bag packing, presentation evening, etc) are critically important simply to stay afloat. So please do your very best to raise as much sponsorship as possible. Every little helps.

- Download Sponsorship Form (PDF)

Contact Details

Your points of contact for this adventure will be:
- Helen Smith (07500 405 787)
- Julie Crow (0780 058 741)

And finally, don't forget it's likely to be highlights that make it on the calendar. Anyone dressed as Robin Hood might stand a very good chance of a prime position (you didn't hear that from us).

Be preparred to make a donation to Clumber Park if you intend to park.

Two on England Talent Level 2

Max and Richard on England Talent 17 Aug: You'll remember this time last year we announced Max and Sophie had been selected for the ASA's England Talent programme. Well for the 2011 season, we once again have two swimmers selected.

Joining Max Litchfield (Spa) for another year on the programme, will be Richard Lee (Spa). Just missing out on a technicality (according to our calculations) was Nik Grainger (Spa).

Selection is based on points scored at Nationals in Olympic events only. That means that points scored by Nik on the 800m Freestyle aren't taken into account.

The talent camps this season will be 3-day residentials and held jointly with swimmers from the North West at suitable Long Course venues. In October the boys travel over to the Manchester Aquatics Centre for the first of three long weekends. To celebrate the new year, the John Charles Centre in Leeds will play host. Finally, a trip further North to Sunderland will take place in April.

In addition to the boys' selection, Head Coach Andrew Wallace has also been offered one of the coaching spots on the camps.

In related news, the new Mailsports autumn/winter 2010 catalogue is now out. Some of the photos taken by GBSwimstars have been used to brighten up the pages, and who should have a starring role with his famous Fly photo than Brucey himself. We have a few complimentary copies for anyone who wants a peek, and a special reward for Richard which we'll present him with when training resumes in September.

Your Guide to Youth Nationals

2 Aug: With the British GAS ASA National Age Group Championships out of the way, it's time to focus on Youth Nationals. Starting on Tuesday 3rd August, there's even more top class action from Ponds Forge with our stars in the mix.

Here's your guide to when our guys are in action. You can watch events unfold as they happen via the Live Scoreboard feature on the results website.

Day Athlete Event
Tue 3rd Emma 400m IM
Max 400m Freestyle
Emma 200m Butterfly
Max 100m Backstroke
Nicholas 200m Breaststroke
Wed 4th Richard 100m Freestyle
Sophie (rep. Harrogate) 200m Breaststroke
Max 200m IM
Wed 4th (1:30pm) Nicholas 1500m Freestyle
Thu 5th Rachael 200m Freestyle
Max 200m Backstroke
Fri 6th Max 200m Freestyle
Richard 100m Butterfly
Sophie (rep. Harrogate) 100m Breaststroke
Fri 6th (2:30pm) Nicholas 800m Freestyle
Max 800m Freestyle
Sat 7th Richard 50m Freestyle
Nicholas 400m IM
Richard 400m IM
Max 400m IM

All these events take place at Ponds Forge, just down the road in Sheffield. Anyone who wants to pop along to lend their support and soak up the big meet atmosphere are more than welcome.

Heats are in the mornings (starting 8am), semi-finals, and finals take place in the afternoons (starting 5.30pm). Most distance events take place around lunch time. Saturday starts at 9am with finals at 3pm.

The official results website provides start lists, BAGCAT reports, and the ever popular Live Scoreboard feature. We will of course add as many of our performances as possible to Dartes TV.