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News May 2010

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

Chloe and Jarvis Taking Over

Chloe smashes the 11min mark 29 May: Now that our 11 year old girls are starting to break 11mins on the 2x800m test set, it might be worth noting that their Long Course National Qualifying Time for that event isn't far away at 10:35.71. Remember, today's effort was without a dive and in crowded lanes, not that big a jump.

Jarvis gaining consistency with a strong pair of swims NER qualifying (again LC) is a relatively easy 11:10!
Food for thought, and motivation for some maybe.

More big improvements this morning then, the obvious one being Chloe Hardy (Adw) dropping 2mins since September to sneak under 11mins. Those of you at the other end of the table take note, 8 months to go from a smidgen under 13mins to 10:58 - can you do it quicker?

Another name sneaking ominously up the table is the all new Jarvis Parkinson (Tho). This season looks set to be the time he starts to turn his immense talent into fine performances. Two strong efforts back to back this morning to make that same 2min time drop in just 6 months. Who'd bet against him breaking the 11min mark next month?

Click a name to show previous progression.

Name Date 400m 800m 400m 800m
Chloe H 29 May 5:27 10:58 5:45 11:22
1 May 5:35 11:10
13 Mar 5:42 11:35 6:10 12:28
19 Dec 5:50 11:54 5:50 11:49
21 Nov 6:15 12:00 5:46 11:45
24 Oct 6:24 13:51 7:05 13:41
12 Sep 6:20 12:51 6:30 12:45
Kim 29 May 5:34 11:05 5:45 11:22
13 Mar 5:31 11:03 5:31 11:01
23 Jan 5:33 11:05 5:31 11:04
19 Dec 5:30 10:55 5:35 11:10
21 Nov 5:32 11:14 5:43 11:23
24 Oct 5:48 11:33 5:43 11:30
12 Sep 6:00 11:56 6:04 12:03
Jarvis 29 May 5:35 11:14 5:45 11:22
1 May 5:57 12:28 5:49 11:24
13 Mar 5:40 11:40 6:14 12:52
21 Nov 6:42 14:01 6:54 13:13
Kelly 29 May 5:37 11:25 5:45 11:22
1 May 5:37 11:16 5:39 11:30
13 Mar 5:40 11:41 5:49 11:40
23 Jan 5:53 11:48 5:50 11:55
19 Dec 5:45 11:40 5:50 11:43
21 Nov 6:15 13:01 6:22 13:06
24 Oct 6:33 13:15 6:38 13:28
12 Sep 6:20 12:56 6:25 12:36
Natasha 28 May 5:43 11:25 5:40 11:22
1 May 5:40 11:20 5:50 11:49
13 Mar 5:45 11:36 6:00 11:58
19 Dec 6:13 12:21 6:29 13:05
21 Nov 6:45 13:58 6:50 13:22
24 Oct 7:03 13:41 7:05 14:01
Georgia 29 May 5:50 11:26 5:45 11:22
1 May 5:56 11:54 5:51 11:36
13 Mar 6:58 13:14 6:45 13:18
23 Jan 5:58 12:07 6:01 11:39
12 Sep 6:42 13:36 6:49 13:26
Oliver 29 May 5:45 11:35 5:45 11:33
13 Mar 5:47 11:34 5:53 11:56
23 Jan 5:57 11:53 5:55 11:43
19 Dec 5:51 11:39 5:54 12:07
21 Nov 5:52 11:14 5:43 11:45
24 Oct 6:00 12:14 6:11 12:21
12 Sep 6:39 13:45 6:57 14:04
Tonika 29 May 6:08 12:34 5:55 11:50
12 Sep 6:21 12:40 6:25 12:41
George 29 May 6:01 12:02 5:51 11:56
1 May 6:04 12:02 6:00 12:05
13 Mar 7:23 13:47 7:16 14:04
Mark 29 May 5:58 12:04 6:07 12:19
1 May 5:53 12:02 6:02 12:06
13 Mar 6:39 12:44 6:54 13:30
23 Jan 6:08 12:52 6:30 13:16
19 Dec 6:03 12:12 6:32 13:13
21 Nov 6:53 14:07 7:08 13:53
Rebecca 29 May 6:49 13:34 6:39 13:10
23 Jan 6:59 14:12 7:10 14:08
Holly 29 May 6:45 13:24 6:38 13:15
13 Mar 7:32 14:01 7:14 13:53
Carragh 29 May 6:58 13:53 6:42 13:28
1 May 7:02 14:15 6:51 13:43
Charlie 29 May 6:38 13:26 6:46 13:31
Charlie 1 May 7:09 14:22 6:28 12:57
13 Mar 7:31 13:58 7:23 14:02

With Head Coach Andrew Wallace away at the City of Sheffield No Frills Meet for the day, Phase 5 also got to experience another pair of 800s. Here are their results.

Name Date Round 1
Luke 29 May 9:35
Elliot 29 May 9:39
James 29 May 10:41
Joe 29 May 10:42
Jess 29 May 10:50
Holly 29 May 10:58
Shannon 29 May 11:01
Heidi 29 May 11:03
Shauna 29 May 11:11

Bank Holiday Weekend Surprise

29 May: So you want to know what goes on in the Athletes Village at the Olympic Games. This might have been sitting around on YouTube for 2 years nearly, but especially for your Bank Holiday entertainment we bring you a bunch of Wannabe Spice Girls (and boys).

Ideas for how we can work that in to our land training programme are more than welcome (speak to Coach Wallace).

From left to right: Jemma Lowe (6th 100m Butterfly, 9th 200m Butterfly, 4th 4x100m Medley), Tom Haffield (17th 400m IM), Rebecca Adlington (Gold 400m Freestyle, Gold 800m Freestyle), Andy Hunter (6th 4x200 Freestyle), Ellen Gandy (15th 200m Butterfly), Julia Becket (prelims 4x100m Freestyle), and Richard Charlesworth (25th 1500m Freestyle).

Edlington Club Visit

28 May: This Friday night Head Coach Andrew Wallace was invited back to his old stomping ground off Tait Avenue to visit the Edlington Stingrays. The intention was to run a session that would provide both Swimmers and Coaches with something a little bit different and help them think up some new ideas to keep their training fresh.

Jeff with some of his Stingrays at Minster 2010 The session for Squads A-D was based on developing basic speed and Coach Wallace brought along some of his favourite toys: Bungee cords and sponges. The idea being to add resistance for speed work and introduce more of a challenge for the older swimmers.

Before the fun speed work though, the swimmers were put through their paces with a kick set of around 600m. Kicking still seems to be a very weak area for many of Doncaster's younger swimmers and this session highlighted the point. It is an area that can be improved immensely with a little attention so hopefully next season will see big improvements.

During Friday's kick set, Andrew stressed the importance of the kick in providing a solid foundation for the rest of the stroke to be built around. This is particularly important for Freestyle and Backstroke where balance and stability are essential if the full power of the upper body is to be realised.

During the set, Edlington's Head Coach Jeff Squires and his three Assistants were put through their paces timing the swimmers on each round. They also got chance to hear how Coach Wallace likes to run his sets and the attention to detail involved. For Jeff, who has been regularly attending Dartes' Tuesday night sessions helping out Coach Nicholas with JDS, it was an opportunity to see how to transfer that experience to his own club programme.

After the session Andrew stressed that: "The younger swimmers who have DARTES in mind need to be looking to develop a solid technique on all five strokes (the 5th being fly kick) and all round high quality skills (starts, turns, finishes). They need to change their focus towards 200m and above as it is much easier to step down in distance than it is to try and step up later."

Andrew: Thanks to the guys at Edlington for inviting me. I hope they got a lot out of it and enjoyed the session.

Arena League North East

26 May: It's been 5 years since the North East dropped out of the National Swimming League, but it looks like we're back. 2005 was the year that Dartes won the North East's Division 1 title it was also the last year the North East took part. Just as we were debating whether to take on the big guys and accept promotion to the North East Premier Division the rug was pulled from under us and the North East dropped out. But even then it wasn't a proper league.

Dartes Winning 2005 Division 1 National Swimming League North East The North East had been paying lip service to the league for a few years by 2005, just a single fixture to crown a North East Champion. The rest of the country contested a proper league structure over multiple fixtures. The reasons for our single fixture were many: a congested meet calendar, a conglomeration of small local leagues, or maybe a lack of interest due to the total domination enjoyed by the City of Leeds. Whatever those problems, they now seem to have been swept aside.

The 2010/2011 Arena League looks set to return to the North East once again. 9 teams have confirmed participation for 3 rounds; we'd love to name them here and give them all the credit they deserve, but that's probably not wise at this point. Suffice to say that Dartes will be one of those teams. Probably also safe to say that the National League's most successful team, City of Leeds, are also on the list. Returning to do battle in the North East after flirting with the North West League for a season.

On behalf of Dartes, a big thank you to all those involved in making this happen. We look forward to 3 rounds of passionately supported swimming next season. Time to dust off those pom-poms and cow-bells people!

Hope For The Future

21 May: The shortlist was drawn up by a panel of judges: Peter Catt, Doncaster Free Press sports editor; Howard Gannaway, chief executive of Doncaster Chamber of Commerce; Julia Travers, of Lakeside Health and Fitness Club; John Radford of main sponsor One Call Insurance; and Charlotte Taylor of OnTrack PR, from 1000s of deserving entries more than double the number from last year's inaugural event.

Hope for the Future Award

This was to be awarded to an individual under the age of 18 who has shown true potential in any given sporting area. This individual may not have won accolades for their dedication but must be able to demonstrate a passion for their chosen sport that could lead them on to bigger and better things in the future - "one to watch".

Winner of the 2010 Doncaster Sports Awards Hope for the Future The nominees were:

Here at Dartes we're delighted to announce that Max was the overall winner of this award for 2010. Congratulations Max.

Outstanding Individual Sporting Moment

A person or team who in the last 12 months has produced a significant sporting performance at local, national or international level. This could range from setting a new record to winning a significant tournament. Any age or gender.

The nominees were:

Once again, Doncaster Swimming came away with the top spot in the form of Ben Pacey. You'll have read about Ben's exploits previously and about his success at the World Transplant Games last August. Well done Ben.

Junior Sports Personality of the Year

From any sport, a young achiever (under 21) whose sporting achievements in the last 12 months have highlighted their individual sporting talent.

The nominees were:

Max was nominated for this award for the 2nd year running, and for the 2nd year running ended up as Runner Up! Never mind, he still has a few more years left to contest this category.

Doncaster Free Press Unsung Hero Award

The nominations for the Doncaster Free Press Unsung Hero Award are:

Nominated for her boundless energy and enthusiasm to help the Ultimate Taekwondo club in Armthorpe, members have said they would be in a real dilemma if they did not have Odette by their side. She attends classes, helps with the younger members of the club and never complains or seeks reward for the time and effort she puts into making sure the club and logistics run smoothly.
Nominated by Kathy Hook.

Long-serving match official Andy is a well-known and respected figure in the Doncaster and District Amateur Rugby League. As well as dedicating more than 20 years to officiating at both adult and youth games in a sport which has been lacking in officials. Andy's commitment has helped junior rugby develop dramatically. He has been instrumental in relaunching the Doncaster and District Rugby League Referees' Society promoting more opportunities for young budding officials.
Nominated by Darren Higgins.

Since first diving in at the deep end as a volunteer with Adwick Amateur Swimming Club 35 years ago, 79-year-old Lena has taught and coached swimming to people from the age of three all the way up to adults. Despite committing many hours to the club, she also helped out with DARTES and taught swimming at Don Valley School. Lena of Scawthorpe boasts a plethora of qualifications which led to her being called-up to become an official referee which she continued for around 20 years.
Nominated by Andy Pidduck.

Back From GB Training Camp

16 May: For the past two weeks [Name Removed] (Spa) has been sampling the BEST Centre in Mallorca with the GB Disability Swim Squad as preparation for the IPC World Swimming Championships in Eindhoven in the summer.

This National Training Camp is her first call up to the GB Squad following her whirl wind climb up the rankings over the past 12 months which saw her named on the GB Team for World Champs. She wasn't the only new face on the team though. This camp was also a welcome-to-post for British Disability Swimming's new National Performance Director - John Atkinson - formerly British Swimming's Director of World Class Programmes.

Having enjoyed a fortnight of training in an outdoor 50m pool in the Mediterranean sun, we suspect Hall Cross might bring her back down to Earth with a thump. Judging by the photo she might not even have much of a sun tan to show off either!

Doncaster Boys Do Well in Schools National Breaststroke Final

The K2 Centre in Crawley 15 May: On the 15th of May the IAPS held their national swimming finals in the K2 Centre in Crawley (near Gatwick). Built in 2005, the K2 is a state of the art facility boasting an 8 lane 50m pool among all the other sporting opportunities you'd expect from a modern Leisure Centre.

Joseph Winning Gold at 2009 Yorkshires In this gala, the fastest 16 swimmers from the heats held all over the UK in April, raced to earn a spot in the top 8 and a place in the National Final. Events covered all the strokes, although the distances were rather short compared to what our swimmers are used to (25m and 50m events). This year, representing Doncaster, were Oswald Hood (Adw) and Joseph Gatus (Spa). They both qualified for the 10 and unders 25m Breaststroke.

As a schools event you might think that the quality of the swimming would not be top notch, but you would be wrong. Granted the distances of 25m and 50m were short. However the times clocked by the swimmers were amazing and reminiscent of the high level licensed meets that we're all used to. Clearly this event was for top class swimmers, and as previous Yorkshire Championship medalists both Oswald and Joseph fell into this category. Oswald Presented with a Silver medal at 2009 Yorkshires On the day, both our boys qualified for the final with ease.

When the final came around, they both did Doncaster proud. Joseph was just beaten to the Gold medal, touching 2nd. Hot on his heels was Oswald who finished 4th.

Well done boys!

This proud parent was really impressed to see that Doncaster had produced two boys in the top 4 nationally in IAPS schools swimming. Yet more evidence showing off the high quality of Doncaster kids!

Thank you to Louise Hood for her report on this event.

NQT at Manchester Open

A Big One for Brucey: 400m IM 15 May: For the third weekend in a row, Dartes swimmers competed in multiple events. This weekend the majority of Phase 5 travelled to Manchester for their open meet while 3 of our younger swimmers went hunting NER qualifying times at the Rotherham Metro Level 1 meet.

Over at Manchester, the highlight of the weekend was Richard Lee (Spa) adding the 400m IM to his schedule for Nationals. His first big medley of the season saw him dip under the qualifying standard by over 3sec to finish 3rd on the day. Team mate Max Litchfield (Spa) won the Gold medal, while 4th place went to Nicholas Grainger (Spa) for a dominant Dartes display.

Richard also has the honour of appearing on British Swimming's website. His photo above has been used as the background image on their Swimming page.

Two more boys in the hunt for NQTs were Jarvis Parkinson (Tho) narrowly missing out in the same event (but 3.5sec closer than a month ago), and Jamie Clarke (Arm) in the 200m Butterfly whose 2.58sec PB was a little over 1sec off the standard required in the summer. Both boys will try again at the last chance meet - NER Champs next month.

All of those events are now available for viewing on Dartes TV.
Launch Dartes TV ...

Heads of State

14 May: Every few months the DMASA hosts a Swim Facilities Meeting for all of Doncaster's Head Coaches to get together and discuss how to drive the sport forwards in Doncaster. Last night at Hall Cross School was the latest of those meetings.

Heads of State: Head Coaches Meeting In attendance from the feeder clubs were Head Coaches: Neil Stephenson (Adw), Kev Frost (Arm), Kev Dunne (SAS), and Jeff Squires (Edl). They were accompanied by the very experienced Mick Nicholson (Adw) a former Head Coach of Dartes during the 1980s, and Peter Hardy (Arm) a long time member of the DMASA General Purposes Committee and Chairman of these Facilities Meetings.

There to give the benefit of his expertise and knowledge of the performance end of the sport in the 21st Century was Dartes Head Coach Andrew Wallace. He was accompanied by Assistant Coach Kevin Nicholas with his cross-club perspective of how Doncaster's younger swimmers compare with the rest of Yorkshire.

On the agenda were a number of interesting proposals regarding the competitive structure of swimming and how to encourage much greater participation at the younger end of the sport. There is grave concern that the bottom of the pyramid just isn't large enough, and more needs to be done to increase the number of children taking up the sport locally.

One proposal to do just that by Andrew, was a much more aggressive media campaign. If all of Doncaster's swimming clubs and the Dartes training scheme can't provide local newspapers with enough regular articles to compete for space with Sunday League Football then we probably aren't trying hard enough. More coverage in local news can only raise swimming's profile in our communities and subsequently increase interest in our sport. As well as gaining much deserved recognition for our top performers.

Generally, this series of meetings is an opportunity for Feeder Club coaches and Dartes coaches to thrash out problems, share ideas, and discuss the whole swimming pathway together. It would be massively helpful for all clubs to send a coaching representative to future meetings, that way all our clubs can move forwards together.

Heidi Get Off That Mountain

Heidi, but she's not that Heidi, Mark! 12 May: Today was our first Wednesday morning joining City of Sheffield at Ponds Forge. The selected Dartes swimmers were treated to a morning with their Assistant Head Coach Mark Lappin who seemed to enjoy shouting "Heidi get off that mountain" to Heidi Smith (Spa). An entertaining reference to a 1960s TV series and a collection of Childrens books that was no doubt completely lost on her.

Head Coach Andrew Wallace reviewed this first shared session below.

The Sheffield guys were very welcoming and made the swimmers and myself feel at ease straight away. The session was based on technique, with 1000m of kick and plenty of pull work. A few of our swimmers found the kick tough but they stuck with it and will improve with the correct attitude.

The main thing is that the ball has started rolling and hopefully the links between City of Sheffield and Doncater Dartes will become stronger as time goes by.

Sports Aid Meet

9 May: For the past few years Dartes have had a strong showing at the Sports Aid Open Meet at Leeds. For 2010 we decided to leave it for the Feeder Clubs to enjoy while we concentrate on the Manchester Open next weekend.

Natasha: 400m Freestyle at NERs Mark: 15m underwater - next time! A few of our younger swimmers were in action for their clubs though, with Adwick, Spa Askern, Armthorpe, South Axholme, and Thorne Tigers represented. The main objective for most of our young athletes was qualifying for NER Championships next month or improving on entry times. We gave Mark Beech (Spa) the additional goal of trying to go 15m underwater on the final turn of his 200m Backstroke. He didn't quite get there this time, but watch this space! The coaches were actually hoping he'd go too far and get DQd - a badge of honour he could have worn with pride!

We had two 11 year old girls qualifying for the 400m Freestyle at their first attempt too. Natasha Crow (SAS) and Georgia Stephenson (Adw) finished 8th and 9th with slightly more than 1sec to spare for NERs. A nice highlight for both girls in a tiring weekend of 9 events each.

Mixed in with the young guns was Sports Aid veteran Sophie Coy (Adw). Last year she aced her 6 events, bringing home a bucket full of Gold. This year she found a little more competition and won only 3. Nevertheless, she grabbed another 2 Silvers and a Bronze to claim medals in all 6 of her events yet again.

Georgia Heading for NERs at 400m Freestyle 6 Medal Sophie You might have been forgiven for thinking that the 25sec PB by Ashleigh Taylor (Adw) in the 200m IM, would be enough to claim the prize for biggest improvement of the weekend, but you'd be wrong. Edging into the lead for that informal contest was Finleigh Dukes (Tho) in the same event, going nearly 30secs faster than her previous best. Neither of those times were quite fast enough to qualify our girls for NERs though. For that we'd have to wait for the 200m Butterfly, where Finleigh's 8sec PB dropped her 5 secs beneath the entry standard, and the 100m Backstroke where Ashleigh sneaked inside her qualifying time too.

Also sneaking inside another NER time was Chloe Hardy (Adw) on the 200m Freestyle. Another 11 year old girl to battle against Natasha and Georgia. Chloe gets her chance at the 400m Freestyle next weekend.

Gold Medal Rout at Coventry

Phoebe: Golden Girl 9 May: While many of her 10 and over Dartes team mates headed North to the John Charles centre in Leeds to represent their feeder clubs at the annual Sports Aid Meet, Phoebe Winter (Adw) headed South to the City of Coventry May Open Meet with similar goals in mind.

Those goals: to try and get more NER times before the Championship's entry deadline.

As a 9 year old, Sports Aid wasn't an option for Phoebe, so instead she travelled South for a Long course meet that would allow her to contest five 200m events and four 50m events. There were over 30 clubs represented, mainly Midlands based but with some from as far afield as London, Maidenhead and Kent.

After a super successful weekend, Phoebe returned to Doncaster with 9 Gold medals (from 9 races), Top Girl, 6 PBs, and a new NER Qualifying Time in the 200m Butterfly. A near 10sec PB in 200m Backstroke also left her just 1.5sec away from another 10 year old NER time. Not bad considering she turns 10 just 5 days prior to the end of NER Championships, and so is destined to compete as probably the youngest swimmer.

Bounce - Lessons About Talent

Champion Table Tennis Players 7 May: In The Times last month was published an extract from "Bounce: How Champions Are Made" by former Olympic Table Tennis star Matthew Syed. He discusses what it was that made him British No.1 for many years and touches on the meaning of Talent. Coaches are often asked by parents whether their young athletes have the talent to make it in their chosen sport, but as Matthew so eloquently explains, Talent is rarely something you're born with. It's the hours and hours spent meticulously honing technique and the environment in which you choose to do so.

For any parents about to ask coaches questions related to the mythical subject of Talent, we strongly recommend you read this extract first. For everyone else, it might prove thought provoking:
- Bounce: How Champions Are Made

Medals at NER Senior Championships

2 May: This Bank Holiday weekend was British Gas NER Senior Championships. Last year we had 4 athletes make finals in 6 events. 2008 just 2 swimmers in 3, with Katie Johnson (Spa) doubling up. This year 4 athletes reached 12 with a team thrown in for good measure! Katie on the 2007 Dartes Training Camp Well Katie's been away training and competing with Russ Barber's Senior Elite Squad down the road at City of Sheffield, but now she's returned to Dartes full-time and this weekend was her first big meet back wearing a Dartes cap.

Competing at Senior level is not an easy proposition. Our boys have moved into the senior ranks this year: aged 15. They're up against men of 19, 20, and older! That's a substantial size difference, both in terms of height, and probably more importantly muscle mass.

Nevertheless they battled hard and got stuck in.
We entered a 4x200m Freestyle team too, just for the sheer hell of it.
Four 15 year old boys, up against ...
It wasn't going to be easy.

We already mentioned the return of Katie, and she did us proud this weekend with 3 final placings (5th in 50m Butterfly, 6th in 100m Butterfly, 7th in 50m Freestyle). If the boys are just starting out on their Senior careers, at 22 Katie is like the big sister who's been there, done that. National Finals, British Champs, Katie's experienced them all over the past few years. Hopefully her exploits this weekend will keep her spirits high and motivated to continue racing in a Dartes cap for a few more years yet.

Brucey and Max Nick Reached 2 Breaststroke Finals Our other positions in finals went to some of the youngest boys in the championships. Max Litchfield (Spa) led the way with 2 Silver medals in the 100m and 200m Backstroke. Both times he was only beaten by 19 year olds. He followed up with 3 more final spots in the 200m and 400m Freestyle (8th, 10th) and a 4th place in the 200m IM.

Nicholas Grainger (Spa) and Richard Lee (Spa) also sneaked into finals. Nick placed 10th in both 50m and 100m Breaststroke, while Brucey claimed 8th in the 200m Breaststroke and 10th in the 100m Butterfly.

For the 4x200m Freestyle team, those 3 boys were joined by Elliot Trofimowicz (Spa) to make up our quartet. At last year's age group championships, you'll remember them Winning Silver and qualifying for Nationals. How would they cope against the big guys in the Seniors though? Rather well as it happens. They finished 6th overall, with Max one of only 8 swimmers in the 40 spots availalbe in the final to beat the 2min mark for his split.

You can now watch the 4x200m Freestyle on Dartes TV.

Chloe Shines in Round 1, but it Hurt!

1 May: Saturday morning's 2x800m test set saw a number of our younger stars take advantage of the absence of the older guys and make their mark. Chloe: Yorkshire 800m Finalist In the first round Chloe Hardy (Adw) was on fire, overtaking the 3 older girls in front of her to lead most of the back end for a 25sec best time (substantially faster than her 11:43 from Yorkshires). The effort took its toll and she felt too ill to attempt round 2. Experience: pushing yourself hard enough on these sets will make you feel queazy, accept that and don't let it hold you back. Good effort Chloe.

Kelly Smith (Arm) also took advantage of missing sister Kim, to set another 20sec best time to finish 2nd. Farrah Gaskell (Ros) set another 20sec best in round 1 before retiring with an aggravated shoulder injury. Natasha Crow (SAS) continued her rapid improvement to edge ever closer to the 11min mark, while team mate Carragh Chambers-Hey (SAS) made her debut attempt. There'll be big drops from her next time, just like Charlie Casson (Adw) dropping over 1min on his 2nd attempt today.

Overall, plenty of big time drops from the March attempt. You can see everyone's progression by clicking their name on the table below. It will then expand to show the list of previous times from these test sets.

Name Date 400m 800m 400m 800m
Chloe H 1 May 5:35 11:10
13 Mar 5:42 11:35 6:10 12:28
19 Dec 5:50 11:54 5:50 11:49
21 Nov 6:15 12:00 5:46 11:45
24 Oct 6:24 13:51 7:05 13:41
12 Sep 6:20 12:51 6:30 12:45
Kelly 1 May 5:37 11:16 5:39 11:30
13 Mar 5:40 11:41 5:49 11:40
23 Jan 5:53 11:48 5:50 11:55
19 Dec 5:45 11:40 5:50 11:43
21 Nov 6:15 13:01 6:22 13:06
24 Oct 6:33 13:15 6:38 13:28
12 Sep 6:20 12:56 6:25 12:36
Farrah 1 May 5:39 11:18
13 Mar 5:45 11:41 5:55 11:56
23 Jan 5:55 11:48 5:50 11:39
12 Sep 6:15 12:53 6:25 12:50
Natasha 1 May 5:40 11:20 5:50 11:49
13 Mar 5:45 11:36 6:00 11:58
19 Dec 6:13 12:21 6:29 13:05
21 Nov 6:45 13:58 6:50 13:22
24 Oct 7:03 13:41 7:05 14:01
Aaron 1 May 5:42 11:21 5:46 11:45
13 Mar 6:40 12:47 7:24 14:17
23 Jan 6:18 12:57 6:35 13:20
21 Nov 6:20 13:31 6:31 13:05
12 Sep 7:40 DNF
Jarvis 1 May 5:57 12:28 5:49 11:24
13 Mar 5:40 11:40 6:14 12:52
21 Nov 6:42 14:01 6:54 13:13
Georgia 1 May 5:56 11:54 5:51 11:36
13 Mar 6:58 13:14 6:45 13:18
23 Jan 5:58 12:07 6:01 11:39
12 Sep 6:42 13:36 6:49 13:26
Beth 1 May 5:48 11:50 5:46 11:46
13 Mar 5:50 12:02
23 Jan 5:55 11:50 6:10 12:23
19 Dec 5:48 11:41 5:52 11:44
21 Nov 5:46 11:47 6:20 12:28
24 Oct 5:52 11:54 6:28 12:03
12 Sep 6:20 13:05 6:56 13:34
Jack 1 May 5:57 12:01 5:50 11:46
13 Mar 5:47 11:40 5:51 12:01
24 Oct 6:09 12:26 6:16 12:45
12 Sep 6:17 12:51 6:40 13:14
George 1 May 6:04 12:02 6:00 12:05
13 Mar 7:23 13:47 7:16 14:04
Mark 1 May 5:53 12:02 6:02 12:06
13 Mar 6:39 12:44 6:54 13:30
23 Jan 6:08 12:52 6:30 13:16
19 Dec 6:03 12:12 6:32 13:13
21 Nov 6:53 14:07 7:08 13:53
Alex 1 May 6:00 12:15 6:00 13:03
13 Mar 6:38 12:38 6:53 13:23
23 Jan 6:38 13:50 6:39 13:20
19 Dec 6:09 12:23 6:23 12:50
21 Nov 6:18 13:37 6:38 13:10
12 Sep 6:42 13:48 7:14 14:03
Morgan 1 May 6:33 13:12 6:31 12:57
Charlie 1 May 7:09 14:22 6:28 12:57
13 Mar 7:31 13:58 7:23 14:02
Carragh 1 May 7:02 14:15 6:51 13:43

Luke Star of the Phase 5 Effort From those in Phase 5 not old enough to travel to Sunderland for the NER Senior Championships, a few more good performances were had. Most notable were two fine back to back performances by Luke Shpylka (SAS) that were both less than 10sec off his LC PB.

Name Date Round 1 Round 2
Luke 1 May 9:40 9:44
Jamie 1 May 10:10 9:58
Jess 1 May 10:33 10:25
Shannon 1 May 10:27 10:32
Heidi 1 May 10:29 10:40
Caitlin 1 May 10:42
Joe 1 May 10:58

Doncaster Sports Awards 2010

1 May: You'll remember this month last year when we won the first ever Top Amateur Sports Club award at the Doncaster Sports Awards. Well the Free Press have just published the shortlists for the 2010 event, and swimming is once again well represented.

Nominations for Doncaster Sports Awards Top billing should probably go to Max Litchfield (Spa) who has been nominated for the 2nd year running as 'Junior Sports Personality of the Year' and was Runner up last time. He also has a nomination in the 'Hope for the Future' award, which is billed as a 'One to Watch' for under 18s.

Back in 2008 you may remember an interview our Head Coach did with Ben Pacey (Edl). Ben was the Water Polo star who's career was cruely cut short by Leukaemia. Last summer he returned from the World Transplant Games with a sack full of medals and 3 World Records. Ben is nominated for the 'Outstanding Individual Sporting Moment' award.

Which brings us nicely to the 'Unsung Hero' award which will be voted for by readers of the Doncaster Free Press. Having been poolside with Adwick ASC for most of the last 35 years and also a fondly remembered coach at Dartes in the past too, Lena Rodgers (Adw) deserves the vote from all of Doncaster Swimming. So no matter which club you belong to, show your appreciation for Lena's contribution and that of all the other volunteer teachers/coaches in Swimming by picking up a copy of the Free Press and voting for her today. Your vote must be received before Friday, May 14.

Dartes hope to have a table or two on the night, so get in touch should you wish to attend this formal presentation evening.

800s and Bleep Test To Start the Month

1 May: While Head Coach Wallace took the Seniors to Sunderland for NER Championships, the remnants of Phase 5 joined Phase 4 for their 2x800m test set this morning. As if that wasn't enough of a challenge before breakfast, Land Training saw the 2nd week of the Bleep Test too.

Shannon is a little taller As last week, the bleep test was split in to two groups. The bigger athletes (mostly 13+) took on the full 20m test, while the smaller ones (12 and below) were treated to the easier 15m course. There was some disagreement as to whether Shannon should be considered as a bigger athlete or remain with the 12 year olds.

We present Exhibit A to the jury (the photo right).
A 12 years presentation from Yorkshires.
The prosecution rests, your honour.
Big it is!

The rules are simple. A series of beeps indicate when the next lap is to start. Each athlete needs to be behind the start line when the beep sounds. If they drop behind for one, they have to get back on pace within the next 2 or it's game over! The pace starts easy; a little above walking pace at 8.5km/h. Each of the 20 levels increases pace by 0.5km/h and lasts for 1min each.

Those who took part last week have a '+' next to their name, click it to see the previous score.

15m Distance, 12 and under

Name Date Level
Jarvis1 May14.9
Mark +1 May13.9
25 Apr12.1
Beth +1 May12.10
25 Apr13.9
Georgia1 May12.10
Joe +1 May11.8
25 Apr12.5
Natasha1 May11.6
Charlie1 May10.1
Chloe +1 May10.3
25 Apr8.3
Carragh1 May10.0
Charlie +1 May9
25 Apr9

Jarvis: Very Impressive Debut A very strong debut from Jarvis Parkinson (Tho) to be the last man standing at the end. "Can I stop now?" he asked about 4 times after Mark Beech (Spa) dropped off the pace just below level 14.

"NO!" Was the answer he kept getting from Coach Dave.
In the end he couldn't quite make it to level 15 and collapsed in a sweaty heap in the middle of the Badminton court.

20m Distance, 13 and above

Name Date Level
Keagan +1 May11.1
25 Apr7.6
Jack +1 May10.9
25 Apr9.5
Luke +1 May10.6
25 Apr11.10
Alex +1 May9.1
25 Apr9.2
Arron +1 May9.1
25 Apr8
Kelly +1 May8.2
25 Apr6.7
Farrah +1 May7.7
25 Apr7.2
Jess +1 May7.6
25 Apr6.5
Heidi +1 May7.0
15m25 Apr12.3
Shannon +1 May6.1
15m25 Apr13.5

Keagan Leads the 20m Challenge Some of those taking part over 20m didn't seem to get the idea. This is a test. It's supposed to be painful. You're not meant to stop as soon as you feel a little uncomfortable. You keep going until you drop! No one should be giving up on a bleep test. You need to fight to stay in until the coaches drag you off the course for missing the pace.

Most of you improved over last week's attempt, but we're sure there are some big improvements still to be made. Next time let's see more of you determined to break level 10!

So after 2 weeks we have a top 3 for each distance as shown below.

Luke20m25 Apr 201011.10
Elliot20m25 Apr 201011.5
Keagan20m1 May 201011.1
Jarvis15m1 May 201014.9
Mark15m1 May 201013.9
Beth15m25 Apr 201013.9