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News September 2011

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

Os Shines at Rotherham

26 Sep: 1 week ago the new season got off to a fabulous start at the Rotherham Metro A/B meet at Ponds Forge. The shining star of the day was 11 year old Oswald Hood (Adw) who came away with 3 Golds in 50m fly, 100m Breaststroke and 50m Backstroke. He also won Silver for his 100m Butterfly and Bronze in 50m Freestyle. Os's 100m Breaststroke gave him an NER Short Course winter qualifying time too.

10 year old Mathew Jubb (Adw) bagged himself 3 Golds in the 100m IM, 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke. He also won himself shiny Silver in 100m Breaststroke.

12 year old Alex Pollard (Arm) was also very successful coming away with 2 Golds in 100m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke. His 100m Freestyle won him shiny Silver. Alex's Golds secured him NER short course qualifying times also.

Equally successful was 10 year old Amber Hardy (Adw). Amber won a Gold in 100m Freestyle, a Silver in 50m Freestyle and 3 Bronze in 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly and 100m Butterfly. She also managed to get 3 NER times in 100m Freestyle, Breaststroke and Fly.

Finleigh Dukes (SAS) won herself Gold in her strongest event the 100m Butterfly earning her another NER winter qualifying time. From JDS Armthorpe's 9 year old Gill Clarke (Arm) won Silver in 50m Backstroke, and 3 Bronze in 50m Butterfly, 50m Breaststroke and 50m Freestyle. Gill has now qualified in every event for next month's Winter Yorkshires.

Other successful Dartes stars included Katie Pendlebury (Ros) winning two Bronze medals in 100m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke, while club mate Caitlin Feirn (Ros) bagged herself a Bronze in 50m Backstroke.

Another Silver medal went to Harry Butterworth (Adw) for his favoured 100m Breaststroke.

No more medals, but a few other performances worthy of note. 9 year old Taylor Hardy (Adw) finished all her races with top 10 placings, all within Winter Yorkshire qualifying times, adding the 50m Butterfly to her County programme. Katie Burton (Arm) also finished all her events within the top 10 and consolidated her Winter Yorkshire times with 3 best times. Last but not least is 10 year old Lucy Clarke (Ros) who finished her 100m Butterfly event in 6th place and repeating her NER winters qt from the final meet of last season.

Not a bad start to the season and great practice for October which is jammed packed with Pocklington galas, met champs, Winter Yorkshires, and meets at Hull and Bradford. Hope you parents have not got much planned apart from supporting our athletes in their racing. Don't worry, you can have a rest over November!

4th Place at White Rose

24 Sep: Saturday 10th September saw 64 Doncaster Dartes Junior Swimmers head for Leeds to compete in the White Rose Junior Meet. Dartes were able to take A and B teams to compete in the 49 events. Each swimmer would compete in the relay and one individual event and would be good practice for when they meet much the same competition at Winter Yorkshires next month.

The events consisted of 16 relays and 32 individual events and would finish with the mixed cannon relay.

In recent years we've performed strongly in this meet finishing 3rd for the last two years behind City of Leeds and Borough of Kirklees. Position at this meet has never really been the focus of the event though, sharing out events among the entire team and giving opportunities to as many of our squad as possible has always been the objective. Which to be fair, is probably the same with all the other clubs competing too. It's a development meet, and that's how most teams approach it.

In the first round of relays it was the girls 11 and under age group that got the Dartes fans up on their feet cheering on Tyler Dodson (Adw) in the final leg of the 11 and under age group Freestyle relay. Tyler entered the water in 6th position but put on a good fight to secure Dartes 3rd place.

Gillian Clarke (Arm) gained 7th position in the 9 and under 50m Breaststroke. The boys 12 and under 50m Butterfly was won by the latest recruit to Phase 5, Alex Pollard (Arm).

10 year old Amber Hardy (Adw) came first in the 10 and under Backstroke while her training partner and close local rival Laura Brookes (Edl) gained Dartes maximum points for 50m Butterfly in the same age group.

In the girls and boys 12 and under 50m Freestyle Lauren Jarvis (SAS) and Josh Reasbeck (Edl) both managed to secure points for Dartes.

After 30 events Dartes were lying in 4th position with 102 points.

Events 31 and 32 saw Rebecca Heywood (Min) and Robert Kirk (Spa) compete in the 12 and under 50m Breaststroke for yet more points for Dartes. Mark Beech (Spa) and Caitlin Feirn (Ros) competed in the 12 and under 50m Backstroke. Mark secured 2nd place after a nail biting finish between Dartes and Kingston upon Hull while Caitlin swam strongly for 3rd.

Then it was back in to the exciting final 8 team events. The 9 and under girls and boys finished 1st and 4th respectively. In the boys 12 and under Freestyle relay, Mark, Robert and Josh set up Alex Pollard (Arm) to take over in 5th place. Charging through the final 50m, Alex chased the leaders, inching closer with every stroke. By the time he ran out of pool, he'd clawed the team back to 2nd place.

That result clearly inspired the final team of the day for the mixed 8x25m cannon. They finished equal first with City of Leeds for maximum points.

On the overall points table, the normal order of things has been restored. City of Sheffield, having trailed in 4th place for the last two years, are back chasing City of Leeds for the top spot. Borough of Kirklees are still ahead of Dartes, but the gap has closed a little from last year. All in all, a good opening encounter to get everyone in the mood for the new look Arena League coming later in the year.

Pos Club Points
1City of Leeds A304
2City of Sheffield A259
3Borough of Kirklees231
4Donc Dartes A186
5Rotherham Metro129
6Kingston upon Hull128
7Harrogate and District124
Pos Club Points
1City of Leeds B125
2City of Sheffield B105
3Donc Dartes B58

Grueling 2km Sees Harry on Top

23 Sep: They didn't seem to be expecting this one. With the season's opening 2x800m set the week before, Tuesday passed by without a special treat for Phase 4. Little did they suspect that Friday night was treat night, and Coach Dave had a 2000m timed swim in store for them.

Harry takes top spot They last did this test back in May and 5 of the top 6 finishers that day have either moved up to Phase 5 (4 of them) or returned to their feeder club (1 of them). Add to that a whopping 11 new-comers to the squad and a 30ish metre pool and we were set for big changes at the top of the leader board.

Leading the way throughout was Georgia Stead (Adw) just like in the previous week's 800m. Hot on her heels though were Georgia Wright (Arm) and the new and improved Harry Butterworth (Adw). By the end, that was the order they touched in - it seems Georgia in the pink cap was the only one confident of her counting skills (67 lengths without a single mistake)! Alas, they all finished within a second of each other, having set off 5 apart, so the actual result is the other way around. Very harsh for the girl who touched first and set the pace!

Pos Name Date 810m 1530m 2010m
1 Harry Butterworth 23 Sep 2011 11:29 21:44 28:39
2 Georgia Wright 23 Sep 2011 11:32 21:48 28:43
3 Georgia Stead 23 Sep 2011 11:35 21:51 28:45
4 Joshua Reasbeck 23 Sep 2011 11:41 22:18 29:14
5 Robert Kirk 23 Sep 2011 11:43 22:01 29:16
6 Leanne Davies 23 Sep 2011 11:26 22:17 29:39
7 Amber Hardy 23 Sep 2011 11:43 22:31 29:45
8= Rebecca Heywood 23 Sep 2011 11:30 23:33 30:55
8= Kathryn Shepheard 23 Sep 2011 12:05 23:30 30:55
10 Oswald Hood 23 Sep 2011 12:32 23:54 31:27
11 Lauren Jarvis 23 Sep 2011 12:35 23:54 31:36
12 Lily Metcalfe 23 Sep 2011 12:20 24:02 31:43
13 Caitlin Feirn 23 Sep 2011 12:52 24:30 31:49
14 Mathew Jubb 23 Sep 2011 12:53 24:27 32:20
15 Thananya Kaewsanthia 23 Sep 2011 12:54 24:50 32:44
16 Chantelle Waugh 23 Sep 2011 13:40 26:11 33:16
17 Courtney Massey 23 Sep 2011 25:35 33:27
18 Eleanor Vodden 23 Sep 2011 12:51 25:24 33:32
19 Laura Brookes 23 Sep 2011 12:50 25:15 33:34
20 Rebecca Jarvis 23 Sep 2011 13:46 26:27 34:47
21 Joseph Gatus 23 Sep 2011 14:16 26:40 34:56
22 Lucy Clarke 23 Sep 2011 14:30 27:42 35:00
23 Grace Litchfield 23 Sep 2011 14:17 28:05 36:15
24 Chloe Key 23 Sep 2011 15:41 31:08 38:13

Eleanor lowers 800m time by almost 1min Now theory has it that the pace set on the opening 800m shouldn't be much different to the fastest time from the 2x800m last week. That was ably demonstrated by the leader of lane 2, Rebecca Heywood (Min), who split at 810m (27 lengths) almost 1min faster than last week's effort. Her fellow Marlin Eleanor Vodden (Min) knocked off a similarly huge chunk of time from lane 3.

It's easy to hear the coach say: "2000m for a time" and panic! Overcoming that fear of longer distances is one of the reasons we do these tests. It's also huge fun of course. Next time, be sure to attack the first 800m and be prepared to hang on when the pain hits you.

Coach Wallace on England Talent Camp Staff

20 Sep: A week or so ago Jarvis Parkinson (Arm) took part in the Level 1 England Talent programme, this weekend just gone Coach Wallace was part of the coaching team for the Level 2 version at Leeds. Here he is to tell us all about the experience.

Over the past weekend I was coaching at the first of the England Talent (Level 2) camps in Leeds with 30 of the most Talented swimmers from the North of England. 23 of 30 were from the North West which means only 7 swimmers from the North East made the required standard for selection; as with the level 1 programme swimmers need to be making Semi-Finals and Finals at Age Group or Youth Nationals to have any chance of making the list.

The Head Coach for this year is City of Liverpool Head Coach Mike Roberts, assisting were Paul Woodley (Derwentside), Danny Thompson (City of Sunderland), Lucas Connolly (Stockport Metro), Darren Ashley (Warrington Warriors) and myself.

During the 5 sessions the coaches were rotated around each stroke group with one coach selected as skills coach for the session and tasked with delivering a 20-25min warm up for the entire group. The coaches were given a skills emphasis by the skills coach and and theme by Mike for each session (e.g., drill progressions or stroke efficiency with emphasis on underwater work and breakouts). The observant among you will have noticed just how frequently "underwater work" appears on the agenda for these camps - it's very, very important!

The first camp is early in the season some swimmers have only been back in training a couple of weeks so it is a good opportunity for the coaches to get to know each other and the swimmers by doing some low intensity swim and drills with a high level of focus placed on skills.

Also tagging along on the first two camps will be the open water group lead by Mark Lappin (City Sheffield) and Les France (Wigan BEST). They tend to work slightly harder than the pool people with a steady 3000m timetrial and a progressive 32x100m set; but anyone who is prepared to swim up to 10,000m outdoors in freezing water has to be slightly tough so as you would expect they enjoyed these sets.

The most impressive aspect of the camp was that all of the swimmers were positive, attentive and receptive to all of the ideas that we threw at them over the weekend. They were also extremely professional: arriving EARLY for everything and being very respectful. Hopefully they will have enjoyed the experience and been able to take at least a few new ideas back that they can share with their coaches.

Leanne Stafford was the physio again this year providing the swimmers with information on shoulder stability exercises and also screening all of the athletes to provide them with specific exercises that will improve their conditioning, range of movement and body posture. This will hopefully assist in their swimming development over the next 12 months.

Lynda Garland from the City of Newcastle was the team manager and did a fantastic job of organising the camp and ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

On the whole a very enjoyable experience and as always some new bits and pieces to throw at the Dartes swimmers over the next few months.

Meet the Swimmer Coach: Dennis Pursley

15 Sep: As London 2012 gets ever closer, we thought it would be nice to introduce you all to the likely stars of the Olympic swimming pool and showcase some of the World's finest athletes. So far we've brought you some of the best swimmers in the World, but wouldn't it be nice to meet one of the top coaches? Who better to start with than Head Coach to British Swimming: Dennis Pursley.

By way of introduction, here's what one of his most respected peers, Richard Quick, had to say of him when he was signed up as Director of Swimming and Diving Operations at Auburn University a few years ago:

"He has been the national team director for the Australian Institute of Sport and the national team director for USA Swimming [for 14 years], and has done an extraordinary job in both positions. I consider it a huge home run for us that he has decided to join the Auburn swimming and diving tradition."

Now a huge home run for British Swimming leading in to the London Olympics. Who else would you want to lead you towards becoming a swimming super-power than a man who's already led the other 2? Along the way he also coached Mary T Meagher to the first of her two Butterfly World Records that would stand for nearly 20 years!

Here he is being interviewed earlier this week on the prospects for British Swimming next summer (thanks to Swimming World Magazine).

Surprise 2x800m for Phase 4

14 Sep: A new season brings a new venue for the Phase 4 test sets and with it a new squad record to be claimed. St James takes over from Adwick as host, and last night's 27 length double sprint (27x30m = 810m) introduced a new hierarchy in the Phase 4 pecking order and new rules regarding the squad record. No longer is the record claimed on the fastest time, now it's the fastest average of the two!

Harry takes runner-up spot New girl Georgia Stead (Adw) enjoyed her first experience of these tests by claiming the first record with an average time of 11:25. Last season's record of 10:10 looks a long way away, but now everyone has a first attempt under their belt (or cap) in the new pool, we expect to see 11mins broken pretty quickly.

Dark horse for the new season looks to be Harry Butterworth (Adw). From way down the table last season, he's straight in to 2nd place in this season's opener despite starting at the back of the top lane on both rounds. More consistency/confidence in training and he could well be one to keep an eye on for 2012.

With 11 new starters experiencing this set for the first time, we expect massive time drops over the next few months. Will we see someone smash 11mins for the first time next month? It's unlikely to take long. Work hard, be determined, and climb quickly up the table.

Pos Name Date 400m 800m 400m 800m Avg
1 Georgia Stead 13 Sep 2011 5:23 11:21 5:30 11:30 11:25
2 Harry Butterworth 13 Sep 2011 5:22 11:24 5:32 11:36 11:30
3 Georgia Wright 13 Sep 2011 5:31 11:27 5:30 11:35 11:31
4 Kathryn Shepheard 13 Sep 2011 5:37 11:52 5:29 11:29 11:40
5 Robert Kirk 13 Sep 2011 5:23 11:19 5:46 12:06 11:42
6 Amber Hardy 13 Sep 2011 11:52 5:41 11:48 11:50
7 Katie Pendlebury 13 Sep 2011 5:37 11:52 6:20 12:12 12:02
8 Joshua Reasbeck 13 Sep 2011 5:47 12:00 5:40 12:05 12:02
9 Tyler Dodson 13 Sep 2011 12:00 5:46 12:06 12:03
10 Rebecca Heywood 13 Sep 2011 12:18 5:49 12:20 12:19
11 Oswald Hood 13 Sep 2011 12:26 6:03 12:31 12:28
12 Caitlin Feirn 13 Sep 2011 5:58 12:24 6:00 12:35 12:29
13 Laura Brookes 13 Sep 2011 12:34 6:06 12:40 12:37
14 Lily Metcalfe 13 Sep 2011 5:58 12:32 6:10 12:53 12:42
15 Joseph Gatus 13 Sep 2011 12:35 6:10 12:53 12:44
16 Katy Burton 13 Sep 2011 7:23 13:25 6:31 12:31 12:58
17 Lauren Heywood 13 Sep 2011 13:15 13:00 13:07
18 Rebecca Jarvis 13 Sep 2011 6:05 13:00 6:19 13:27 13:13
19 Thananya Kaewsanthia 13 Sep 2011 7:13 13:10 7:45 13:29 13:19
20 Mathew Jubb 13 Sep 2011 13:05 7:35 13:43 13:24
21 Lauren Jarvis 13 Sep 2011 7:30 13:29 13:22 13:25
22 Grace Litchfield 13 Sep 2011 7:13 13:20 13:55 13:37
23 Lucy Clarke 13 Sep 2011 13:22 13:54 13:38
24 Chantelle Waugh 13 Sep 2011 7:24 13:21 14:04 13:42
25 Eleanor Vodden 13 Sep 2011 8:37 13:42 14:04 13:53
26 Courtney Massey 13 Sep 2011 7:35 13:50 7:42 14:02 13:56
27 Chloe Key 13 Sep 2011 7:29 14:02 7:29 14:00 14:01

Jarvis on Level 1 Talent

13 Sep: This weekend, while the rest of the Dartes youngstars were contesting the White Rose meet, and the coaches were enjoying their Breaststroke clinic, Jarvis Parkinson (Arm) took part in his first England Talent Programme camp.

After a very successful National Championships where he made 3 finals from 4 events (his highest finish, 5th place, coming in the 200m Butterfly), Jarvis was selected for the England Talent Level 1 programme. Reaching a final at Age Group Nationals is usually the minimum standard for selection on these camps and Dartes has been able to get a number of athletes on this programme in recent years. Our swimmers have always impressed with the quality of their underwater work - always a prominent theme at this level.

England Talent Camps always have a focus on skills, technique, and lifestyle. The coaches and support staff always stress the importance of eating correctly, having a positive attitude (especially during hard training periods) and being focused on improvements. Important points both during the camps and back at the athlete's home club.

The series of Level 1 camps, as the name suggests, is the first opportunity for talented, young swimmers to really grasp the concept of what being a competitive swimmer at the highest level is all about. In particular the effort that is required to be successful long term. It gives young swimmers the opportunity to experience a different and challenging environment, with unfamiliar coaches and other top swimmers from the region. Every one of them is a similar age and most likely also a National finalist!

This time around the Head Coach for the North East Level 1 programme is the newly appointed Head Coach of Middlesborough: Lisa Bates. Assisting on the coaching staff are some of the North East's best up and coming coaches including Michael Taylor (City of Sheffield), James Richards (City of Leeds), Iain Robinson (Harrogate), and Lawrence Mills (Newburn).

Breaststroke Clinic

11 Sep: It's been a busy weekend, but we brought it to an end in style in the company of 2008 Olympic 200m Breaststroker James Kirton (right) and City of Sheffield Head Coach Russ Barber (left).

GB National Coach, Russ Barber, demonstrating to Doncaster's Coaches James Kirton works on Breaststroke kick with Phase 4 Coach Barber's clinics are always well attended by coaches and athlete alike, and today was no different. Before the 90 minutes of pool work, the coaches had been led through a breakdown of the theory of the stroke. The importance of the whip action from the feet in the last few inches of the kick, streamlining and aquatic body posture, and of course the sculling sweeps of the hands were all discussed in great detail. Russ then went on to describe the drills to be performed in the pool - what each was meant to achieve and the key points to be worked.

A longer than usual pool session involved silky smooth demonstrations from James himself. His 3 or 4 strokes per length of Breaststroke highlighted the extra distance that can be achieved with perfect body posture and timing (and of course nearly 2 decades of practice).

Coaches from 6 of Doncaster's clubs took part and a large contingent of swimmers from Phase 4 and 5 enjoyed the skills session in the pool for the final 90 minutes. As with any new skills (not that these were entirely new), perfection only comes after hours and hours of careful practice. To look as silky smooth as James' demonstrations requires lots of concentration week in and week out in training. Rest assured, you'll be using most of today's drills again in the coming weeks, so make sure you practice them with just as much focus as today's first attempt.

More From UK School Games

7 Sep: There was more action from UK School Games involving Max Litchfield (Spa) and Richard Lee (Spa) on day 2 of the event. Following on from the Silver medal success in the 4x100m Freestyle team, Max was back in the 4x200m team. This time he helped England North secure a tight victory over England East. They touched in 7:48.85 against their rivals' 7:49.13.

You'll remember Richard won the Bronze medal in the 50m sprint earlier in the week. On day 2 he contested the 100m version in which he finished 8th at National Championships in the summer. Today he used his customary lightening start to lead at the 50m split (25.72), but struggled to hold the pace in the second half and slipped back to a very creditable 4th in 54.41.

Last year Max broke the Junior British Short Course Record for the 200m IM as well as winning Silver at Nationals. England North made good use of his abilities in that event at these games too. This time he beat all the opposition for 1st place in a time of 2:08.86.

In the last event of the day the boys 4x100m medley team, Max led off on Backstroke (59.16) while Richard enjoyed the anchor leg bring the team home in 4th place with a split of 53.84. But then England East suffered a DQ for an early takeover, and two other teams who finished further back were also DQ'd (another faulty takeover and a faulty turn). Lesson for Dartes youngsters: skills matter! Don't leave it until you make a mistake to start thinking if your skills are correct, make them correct now - before it matters.

Always remember:

Practice makes Permanent
Perfect Practice makes Permanently Perfect

Final results weren't quite as good for England North as Day 1 suggested they might be, but still a strong showing and excellent early season swims for our boys - you did us proud. The top 3 teams were very closely matched with less than 10 points separating them.

  1. England Central - 253
  2. England south - 249
  3. England North - 246

Russ Barber Stroke Clinic

Coach Barber at a previous clinic 6 Sep: This Sunday, South Yorkshire's top Senior Coach pops over to deliver a Breaststroke stroke clinic and introduce us to the tips and tricks he uses with his Olympians and top internationals.

We enjoyed the Backstroke and Butterfly clinics last year and they're always extremely well received, so this one will open the new season perfectly.

All of Doncaster's club coaches are encouraged to attend (and nearly 30 of them already have their tickets). Anyone else who wants to get involved should talk to Dartes Head Coach Andrew Wallace for one of the few remaining places.

The fun starts with a Breaststroke theory workshop for the coaches with Russ at 2.30pm at Adwick Leisure Centre. Then at 3.30pm, once JDS have finished training, Phase 4 and Phase 5 will play their usual role as guinnea pigs for Coach Barber to demonstrate the drills discussed earlier. Anyone from Phase 4/5 wanting to take part (which is usually all of them), should therefore be changed and ready to dive in to the pool at 3.30pm on the dot!

We had hoped to bring the parents and swimmers a special Sports Psychology seminar too. Unfortunately our expert from Loughborough University couldn't attend this Sunday so we will rearrange that treat for a later date.

Dartes in Action at UK School Games

4 Sep: Last week saw the opening events for the Sainsbury's UK School Games. Representing England North, Dartes had two medallists over the weekend. Silver and Bronze for Richard at UK School Games Gold and Silver for Max at UK School Games The lightening quick Richard Lee (Spa) touched in Bronze medal position in the 50m Freestyle, and a little while later, Max Litchfield (Spa) dominated the 400m IM for the Gold medal. Both boys were back in action for the North's 400m Freestyle team and the Silver medal.

There was a World Record to celebrate at the event as well though. British Disability Swimming's Jessica Applegate ducked 0.05sec under the previous mark in the 50m Freestyle.

After day 1, our boys had helped Team England North to a slim lead of 125 points over the South's 122. All to swim for through the rest of these Championships.

Club Distribution to start 2012 Season

3 Sep: We've made a few changes and taken on a little more water time to remove the Phase 4 bottle neck on Tuesday nights. With the new limit of 30 in the squad, we're now able to fill the pool space available to Phase 4 every evening, rather than having over crowded Tuesdays and half empty lanes during the other sessions. How well it works, we'll find out in the coming weeks.

Eleanor: Moving in to Phase 4 Alex: Jumping up to Phase 5 The additional space has also allowed for a small extension to Phase 5. The new upper limit is expected to be 20, but there's no hurry to fill the last spot, we'll wait and see who shines leading in to spring Yorkshires.

So with 3 moving in to Phase 5, and 7 moving in to Phase 4, feeder club distribution among our squads is starting to look rather interesting. There's a very definite evening out. Three clubs have 5 swimmers each in Phase 5 and four clubs have 4 in Phase 4. Quite a change from 2009, where two clubs were massively dominant.

Of course, the numbers in Phase 5 reflect how well clubs were feeding swimmers in to the Dartes programme 3 or 4 years ago. Similarly Phase 4 reflects how well they were feeding in to JDS a year or so ago. It's very rare for older swimmers to join Phase 4 or 5 directly without first spending time in JDS. The standard in our top two squads is now at such a level that the extra work done in JDS is pretty much essential for anyone with aspirations to climb up the Dartes hierarchy and earn success at the highest levels of British Swimming.

Officially it's Yorkshire times that are needed for a place in Phase 4. However, competition for places is now so strong that North Eastern times are quickly becoming de rigueur among those entering the squad from JDS. Worth noting also that two of the three moving in to Phase 5 were at Nationals in July; if you want a spot in that squad, Nationals needs to be your firm focus.

So here's your club breakdown at the start of season 2012. Like we said last time, a minimum of 10 in JDS should be every club's target. An extra session each week with Assistant Coach Kevin Nicholas from the age of 7 or 8 tends to make a massive difference. Having half of a club's 9 year old team (2 boys/2 girls) plus half of the following year's 9 year old team training in JDS is one way to do it and will massively strengthen league gala performances. But considering JDS caters for 7 to 11 year olds (5 years) it's really nothing more than 2 or 3 new recruits each year. That's got to be achievable even for our smaller clubs! Jarvis heading for hard work in Phase 5 Grace: Following family footsteps to Phase 4

1Adwick 23599
2Armthorpe 18549
3Minsthorpe 1248
4Spa Askern 11542
5Edlington 8242
6South Axholme 7223
7Rossington 33
8Dearne Valley 22
9Don Valley 11
September 2011, Club Distribution

Enough of those in the pool though, what's happening on the pool deck?

We've just had a month in the company of the new Head Honcho at South Axholme Sharks. Rob Crofts has been helping out with Phase 4 on Tuesday nights through the summer. Unfortunately we lose his services due to University commitments, but we look forward to his input here and there in the future when his schedule allows.

You may also have seen a new Armthorpe coach working with Phase 4. We hope to have Coach Paul Christmas working alongside Assistant Coach Dave on Tuesday evenings for the foreseeable future. Who knows, we may even get another two of our clubs represented poolside over the next month or so too; you know who you are - don't be shy!