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News March 2018

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

6 Selected for Yorkshire Camp

8 Mar 2018: In the last 24 hours news has broken through of who has been selected for the Swim England County Pathway Programme. Selection is based on performances at Yorkshire Championships, and the 24 top performing 11 year olds (12 boys, 12 girls) are invited to take part.

After their success at the recent Yorkshire County Swimming Championships, 6 swimmers from Dartes have been selected for the Yorkshire Development Squad, and invited to be part of the Swim England County Pathway Programme for 2018. That means fully one quarter of those selected are Dartes athletes. A fantastic achievement, and hopefully one that can be built on for the future.

Between them they accounted for 15 of the medals won at Yorkshires during February. All 6 have recently moved from Phase 3 to Phase 4, so this reflects well on the work being done by Coach Jordan with our Junior Development Squads. It's important for young athletes to be a part of this squad at an early stage of their career. Being around other ambitious swimmers instills the work ethic and attention to detail that may see them go on to emulate these 6. With Coach Jordan also being selected to the coaching team for those camps, there's even more reason to get involved. Good work by all.

Head Coach Matt Cross said:

There are only 24 swimmers selected for the whole county and Doncaster has supplied a quarter of these. The borough should be so proud of its achievements but without the commitment and dedication of the swimmers, their families and the army of volunteers that keep running the club it wouldn’t be possible

We rely on our amazing feeder clubs to provide the stepping stone to elite level training and the support of the Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust to provide facilities and encourage swimmers from lessons to progress to club swimming."

The development camp consists of three full days of training and education. Based in Harrogate, it follows a similar routine to how the older age groups have worked in previous years (many documented on these pages). The pool work was focused on drills and skills, reflecting how technique limited swimming is! Classroom and gym sessions covered nutrition and physical conditioning (strength and injury prevention).

The challenge for Ella Calverley (Adw), Lucie Savage (Adw), Olivia Phelan (Adw), Callum Broadhead (Arm), Nicholas Honeybone (Arm), and Luke Gilliver (Drn) is to keep this momentum going. It is unfortunately the norm for high performing athletes at this age to disappear over the next few years. Selection of 11 year olds tends to be unduly influenced by early growth, strength, and a lucky birthday. It's also easier for the competition to climb the rankings using the ones at the top as a target, than it is for those with a target on their backs to stay there!

Here are a few tips for both groups. Whether you're at the top and want to stay there, or you're lower down and want to knock the leaders off their perch, these are equally useful:

For those not selected, don't despair.
This is just step 1.
Look at the list above and get to work. It's guaranteed that a few of those selected this time will be missing next time. Let's hope it's no one from Dartes.

Dartes Promotion with Arla Foods

7 Mar 2018: Those taking part in the March sprints this Sunday will have noticed bottles of milk shakes being distributed, courtesy of Arla Foods. This is part of a campaign to build relationships between Dartes and local businesses to explore mutually beneficial arrangements.

This particular campaign involves free sample bottles of Arla Protein Milk Shake being available at our meets. For the March sprints we had a delicious blend of raspberry and strawberry available. Yorkshire based Arla Foods got to showcase their product to athletes. Dartes swimmers, and those from other competing clubs, got to sample a tasty drink that is high in protein and thus ideal for post training recovery.

As a few of our athletes will learn on the upcoming series of talent camps, protein is needed to help the body repair itself after training. For those not selected for talent camps, we hope to run another of our nutrition seminars later in the year too. Current sports science research shows a clear 'Super Absorption' period within the first 15-30min immediately following training. During this period your body attempts to quickly repair damaged muscle by using as much protein as it can get hold of. Protein being the building blocks that make up your body.

Eat or drink around 20g of protein as soon after training as possible for maximum effect (and definitely within 30mins). It clearly isn't a coincidence that each bottle of Arla protein milk shake does in fact contain 20g of protein. A one-stop solution for what has been a difficult guideline to follow.

Clearly not everyone will enjoy a milkshake. There are other options available, but few as handy as this one. Nuts, seeds, beans, protein bars, or even a chicken sandwich to eat on the way home. But you're looking at a lot of nuts to get 20g inside you. A protein bar might do the job, but check the nutrition label. A lot of the well known brands won't give you anywhere near 20g of protein. Even a large glass of milk will only get you half way there.

If you missed out on the free sample bottles please ask. There were a few left over. We might be able to rustle up a couple for you to try.

A big thank you to Arla Foods for getting involved in this promotion, and to Ben Newnham for making it happen.