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News September 2019

Keep up to date with what's happening at Dartes and performance swimming in Doncaster. This page records the news as it happens -- history in the making!

The Stories behind the Headlines

The Kicking League

19 Sep 2019: So here's a new thing we're introducing for Phase 5 - we may get Phase 4 in on the action too (there are some quick kickers down there!) We've been trying to increase kick speed this season as it's something we neglected in favour of other things last time. The objective is to hit 1:30 consistently for a 100m kick set. Developing the foot speed required for that over shorter distances is where we've started - Phase 5 did around 16 fast kick sets in their first 2 weeks.

We're up at 3 rounds of 8x50 this week. Clearly we need to be sub-45sec at 50m to have any chance of going 1:30 for the 100m. Here are the ones averaging under 50sec throughout the Backstroke version.

Note: average times are the important factor. Over the Backstroke sets we've done so far Ben Wright (Arm) has been consistently fastest, with Ella Bainbridge (Arm) not far behind. We have however, had Ajay Scott (Arm) and Callum Broadhead (Arm) dipping in to the high 30s for occasional reps. It'll be interesting to see how this early season speed kick work reflects on our standard 4x400m kick test that will be re-appearing for Phase 5 shortly.

Ben Wright414140
Ella Bainbridge414142
Ajay Scott434141
Cohen Stephenso434243
Callie Ramshaw434444
Daniel Bailey444546
Callum Broadhea484545
Hannah Newnham474745
James Robinson464747
Frankie Ness474747
Zackary Merritt474846
Molly Chambers464847
Daisy Purchase484846
Madison Johnson464849
Marise Garbutt464948
Abigail Kelsall484847
Backstroke: average 3(8x50) times

Talent Camp Season

17 Sep 2019: The back half of the year is traditionally talent camp season. The best swimmers from around the country get together as different age-groups at a variety of venues to learn and mingle. It's also an opportunity for the nation's top coaches to learn new techniques, share ideas, and see what swimmers from peer clubs look like in the training pool. As you can see from the table below, there are various levels to these camps, and it gets progressively more difficult to remain on the pathway.

ProgrammeLed byQtyAge Range
County DevelopmentCounty79211 year olds
Regional DevelopmentRegion28812 year olds
National DevelopmentSwim England25013-14 year olds
National Event CampsSwim England9015-16 year olds
International CompsSwim England4018 year olds
SE Performance SquadSwim England2022 years and under
Podium PotentialBritish Swimming3015 years +
PodiumBritish Swimming2415 years +

This weekend just gone saw our swimmers and coaches involved at the County and National Development levels. On the Saturday, Head Coach Dave Cuthbert travelled to Huddersfield to observe the Swim England Phase 1 National Development Programme. It was a great opportunity to check up on the 13/14 year olds from the North East (plus a few from the North West and Midlands too). Seeing the level of skills performed in training and the quality of land work being delivered was important to keep Phase 5 on their toes. The exercises performed during these camps will be finding their way in to our land programme this season too in an attempt to make our athletes the best prepared they can be. Madison Johnson (Arm) was also taking part at this level of the pathway, but joined the Midland's version of the camp in Chesterfield. For the athletes it's a good opportunity to work with unfamiliar coaches, so getting away from the same-old faces from the North East is a definite bonus for her. Whereas the North East camp had well known coaches from Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Tynemouth, Tadcaster, and Newcastle, plus one from Manchester, the staff (and swimmers) at Chesterfield were largely unknown for her.

Next weekend Dave is travelling to Catterick to act as a lane coach for the Regional Development Programme - the 12 year olds. We have 4 athletes on that camp so it'll be interesting to see how they stack up alongside their regular competition. For Dave, it's a return appearance on the talent pathway after an absence of some 6 years due to work commitments.

For 2019 though, we have all 3 lead coaches working along the pathway. Previously we've had 1 or 2 coaches selected, but this is the first year to have all 3 - quite an achievement and a reflection of the hard work being done throughout the programme. Our Development Coach Harvey Williamson made his first appearance at the County level in Harrogate this Sunday, alongside our veteran County camp coach Jordan Allerton. In the pool with them was Jesse Goodwin (Adw). These camps take the form of 2 pool sessions working on skills (such as IM turns and relay take-overs), plus land training techniques, and an educational workshop of some kind. Generally, everyone returns home having learned something new and gaining motivation for the weeks and months ahead.

You can keep up to date with Talent Programme selections in the Honours section.