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Articles by Dartes Swimmers Past and Present

Every now and again, someone pops up out of the deep end and writes an article for the website. Sometimes these are former Dartes swimmers with happy memories to share. Often they're current members with something special or interesting to shout about. Either way, if it's interesting and in some way connected to Dartes or Doncaster Swimming, we'll probably publish it.
Here's one of those articles.

I Thought Galas were Boring!


With the 6 page spread in Swimming Times we thought it an appropriate time to publish our own fictional interview. Don't worry, no reporters were harmed during the making of this interview.

On this occasion we realise that this article may well cause complaints to come flooding in; most tend to do so unexpectedly so why not. Please read it with your tongue firmly implanted in your cheek.

This is a serious point we're trying to express here though. Swim Meets are meant to be fun and our swimmers and parents returned home from both of last month's meets having had enormous fun and they can't wait for the next one. The enthusiasm our new approach generates throughout the club is immense and we strongly recommend it to everyone else.

Here's another article concerned with the same issues:
- Show Me The Fun

Date: 17 Oct 2009
Author: Andrew Trofimowicz

The Interview*

The following is a fictional interview between a reporter and a DARTES parent that did not take place the Sunday of the Winter Yorkshires.

Reporter (RP) Where did the idea for the DARTES supporters come from?

Showing The Parents How It's Done at Winter Yorkshires DARTES parent (DP) DARTES have always had a tradition of supporting ALL their swimmers and it just seemed that we ought to get a bit more organized. Not all parents have the vocal range and power of Jez Grainger so we needed to come up with other ways of showing our support. Also we needed our support to be heard by the swimmers. Cow bells, air horns, railway megaphones, jingle bells... you name it we got it.

RP Where did the LOUD AND PROUD theme come from?

DP We tried it at the recent Teaspoon meet and it seemed to work. Parents and supporters got into the spirit and the coaching staff asked if we could organize it a bit better for the Yorkshires. We got talking about it and Keagan’s Dad came up with LOUD AND PROUD SUPPORTERS. It is a brilliant name that totally sums up the DARTES FAMILY way of supporting our swimmers

RP What do the DARTES coaching staff think?

DP One word... AWESOME.
As long as it is in moderation!!
It shows ALL the swimmers at DARTES that no matter what level they swim at and no matter how many galas they have swum EVERYONE at the club wants them to succeed. We understand that at least two other coaches from rival big name clubs (sorry we can not name those clubs) want their parents to stop reading books and newspapers and follow the DARTES example and get behind the whole squad not just the swimmer they are related to.

RP What do the DARTES swimmers think?

Now Known as: The Small Banner DP One word... COOL.
The DARTES swimmers have always supported their team mates by shouting and waving them on and they now think it is "Dead ACE" to have their own "PARENT POSSE". For years parents would often be but a lone voice shouting ourselves hoarse for our swimming off-spring. Those days are long gone. We ALL now SHOUT and MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE for EVERY SINGLE SWIMMER.

RP What do the DARTES parents think?

DP I can’t possible speak for all of them but the one word that would be chosen is ... PROUD.
Proud of our coaching staff, proud of our swimmers their dedication and hard work and finally proud to be part of the BEST SWIMMING CLUB in the country. DARTES may not be large, we may not have the best facilities but boy do we ENJOY OUR SWIMMING. And at the end of the day isn't that what it's all about?

RP What do you think about the complaints from some other parents?

DP We would never want to spoil it for anyone but we do not understand their view point at all. Have they never watched the swimming at the Olympics or at the World Games? At these events the crowd are there to have fun, party and make as much noise as possible. Does anyone ever complain?


Our meagre assortment of horns, bells and rattles add up to not a lot. If you want peace and quiet choose competitive chess or join a library. If you want to stay in swimming get a voice and shout for your team too. Did these people who are complaining now not shout and cheer at home in front of the telly when Team GB took on the world. Why is it deemed wrong to cheer on a team that you at least have some link to? DARTES will continue to support our team even if these unenlightened souls ban our bells. Watch out for the DARTES Cheerleaders complete with pom poms at a meet near you soon. You have been warned.

Team Happy at Teaspoon RP Is there any truth in the rumour that you have original gifts for other teams' parents at the next gala?

DP I can confirm, that as you go to press, we have asked the women that knit the Shreddies for Kelloggs if they would help us out. They have said YES WE WOULD BE HONOURED. I am now pleased to exclusively reveal to our readers that DARTES will be issuing knitted ear muffs to any parent from any other club who wishes to have them. All we request is a small donation to club funds.

RP Any last comments?

DP Any parent not part of the LOUD AND PROUD SUPPORTERS club please come and sit with us. It's FREE, it's FUN, and comes with a cast iron guarantee that GALAS WILL NEVER PASS SLOWLY AGAIN.

What do coaches do? ... Coach.
What do swimmers do? ... Swim.
So what’s left for parents to do?
Make as much noise as possible.

You can not get in the pool and swim your off-spring's race for them. But you can and must GIVE YOUR FULL UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT ALWAYS AT EVERY GALA no matter if they PB medal or not.

You know it makes sense.

*even though this interview didn’t really take place the author hopes that the parents, coaches and more importantly the swimmers of DARTES think these answers appropriate.