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Photo Gallery: Paphos Training Camp, 2007

You might have seen a few of the Premier Squad walking around in the red shirts (reserved for special events) with Paphos printed on their backs. You probably wondered what they were all about. Well, wonder no more.

A very select group of swimmers from Dartes and Kingston upon Hull travelled to Paphos in Cyprus for a week long intensive training camp. Two coaches, chaperones, and a bunch of swimmers enjoyed a hot week in the sun.

Photo Gallery 2007 Training Camp: Paphos, Cyprus
Waiting in the departure lounge, Dartes style!
Don't worry, no swimmers were harmed in the making of this photo! It's all done with the wonders of Photo Shop, honest.
Looks a bit like Hall Cross doesn't it?
The training pool used throughout the camp in Paphos. A 10 lane, 50m cool blue pool, and a scorching hot sun to tan you as you swim.
And again, just to make you all drool with envy. We've even added a larger version (click on the photo) to rub it in even more!
The merry bunch of hard working athletes. Most from Dartes, but head coach at the time, Roy, decided to invite a few from KuHull too. They're all mixed in together.
It has been said that there's something of the devil about Coach Wallace. After a couple of drinks he finds it hard to keep that side of himself hidden -- don't look into those eyes!
Rumour has it that this was a love song, and the duet between Ryan and Danny was the sweetest moment of the entire week ;-)
Aww, don't they make a pretty pair.
The girls look happy. Maybe they've just seen dinner arriving.
Ahhh those special red shirts get everywhere don't they.
You can't get hold of one unless you were invited to the camp. Better train hard all year to make sure you get invited next time.
The senior girls from Dartes infiltrating the Hull group. They must have done a good job, they brought Danny (front) back with them. Well done Katie and Cherrelle (hanging on the wall in black caps).
"Oh we do like to be beside the sea-side ..."
It's not exactly Scarborough or Skeggy, but the girls seem happy enough so that's alright.
What do we get upto in airport departure lounges.
No training camp would be complete without a circle of heads as a souvenir. Struggling to identify the circle? Click the photo for a bigger version.
That really is the sky behind Danny, Coach Wallace, and Callum. They stood there all day waiting for all the clouds to move out of the way for this photo.