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Photo Gallery: Presentation Disco, 2009

An evening to celebrate a super successful season and for everyone to let their hair down (those who have enough). It's the second year of the Dartes Disco and it proved to be even more popular.

Thanks to Helen Smith for organising the event, Charlotte for designing the tickets (again), and of course Andrew Trofimowicz for an entertaining rendition of Time Warp.

Photo Gallery 2009 Presentation Disco
Performance of the Year
Head Coach Andy Wallace presents Shannon with the trophy for Performance of the Year. Earned for her NER Backstroke final dropping over 6secs to qualify for Nationals.
Performance of 2009: Shannon
Most Committed Male
Could any award be in less doubt? Max has led the way all season and should be the target for everyone else.
Challenge for next season: Catch Him Up!
Most Committed Male: Max
Most Committed Female
What's this, another award for Heidi to go with the one she won last year? Surely not.
Do you have your eyes on Performance of the Year next time?
Most Committed Female: Heidi
Most Improved Phase 5
Surprisingly there were 2 names on the short list for this award; but you'll never know the 2nd choice.
Congratulations Nik, more of the same next season?
Most Improved P5: Nik
Most Improved Phase 4
She did look a little surprised to win this one, but Caitlin was actually the name that stood out. That's not to say there aren't some major improvements still to come!
Most Committed Female next season would be a good start.
Most Improved P4: Caitlin
Star Potential
Eleanor won the girl's award but was competing at SAS on the night so couldn't collect it.
Which boy could be awarded this though? It had to be Ja-Ja Jarvis. Lots of work is required to live up to this one though!
Star Potential: Jarvis
Many people would ask: Why is Mr Trof wearing a pineapple on his head?
But not us.
If Mr Trof wants to wear a pineapple on his head, we're more than happy to let him get on with it.
Pineapple Head
The real question of course, is: why does Helen wear a pineapple on her head?
Does it have anything at all to do with that mischievous looking fella in the background?
Hmmm, you bet it does.
Pineapple Head
Yum Yum -- Feeding Time at the Zoo
Putting such tasty food in front of a bunch of hungry swimmers is like throwing lunch into the hyena enclosure.
She tells me she never visits the website, so we should get away with this one.
How Peter could take such an unflattering photo of hungry Laura is a question we'll take up with him later.
Keep it between the two of us, but I have a sneaky suspicion this pic might find its way onto next year's tickets!
Not so Glam Laura
One of the most bizarre search phrases driving traffic to the Dartes website is:
- What would swimming do for me physically
The answer, according to these photos, is that it allows you to eat absolutely anything you could possibly want and still look super buff.
And all of that 'Drug Free'.
You almost expect to hear a David Attenborough voice over explaining how the big alpha males get first pick of the food. The little hyenas reduced to jumping around noisely while they wait to pick off the remaining scraps.
Don't worry Oliver, there'll be plenty left for you (we've hidden more under the table)!
Thank goodness. We managed to get through an event without any injuries to our accident prone 14 years boys team.
With only 1 week to go before Nationals, this was their last meal before we wrapped them up in cotton wool and bubble wrap.
Lessons in looking glamorous.
You see Laura, that's how you do it. Hide from Peter until after you've feasted.