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Photo Gallery: Harrogate Age Group Meet, 2009

At the end of January Dartes travelled to the popular Hydro pool at Harrogate for their annual open meet. 48 Medals and 2 National Qualifying Times later, a happy and successful squad returned home.

Here are a few mementoes.

Photo Gallery 2009 Harrogate, 2009
A successful weekend always starts somewhere. In this case it was Heidi's 200m Bc Gold medal that opened the flood gates. Heidi Started the Ball Rolling
Yorkshire Beware!
They already have countless Yorkshire and North East medals between them and odds are they'll be adding to that tally at the Yorkshire Champs over the next two months.
Joe and Jarvis, a scarey double act in more ways than one!
Yorkshire Beware!
The One that Got Away!
Out of 8 events Max won 7 (2 of them were National Qualifying Times). The one that got away was this Silver for the 200 Freestyle.
The One that Got Away
Clean Sweep -- A Dartes 1-2-3?
Is that really Chairman Chris trying to muscle his way in to the Bronze medal position on the podium?
Or is it just a half-hearted attempt at trick photography?
Dartes Clean Sweep?
The Mischievous Double Act
Do you get the impression these two might prove to be a bit of a handful? With 11 medals between them this weekend the competition better watch out.
Yorkshire Beware!
The Princess of Breaststroke!
National Finalist Sophie, practises her smile for next year's Sports Personality of the Year awards.
Heidi helps Beth celebrate one of her two 12sec PBs on Saturday. The two biggest improvements of the weekend.
Well done Beth!
Improver of the Weekend!
They're upto something, aren't they?
Maybe Jarvis is just collecting another medal for his growing collection.
Up to Something?
It's not easy on the top spot you know!
Her schedule of racing, swimming down, and cheerleading gets in the way of dressing for presentations. We tried to persuade Keagan to don a wig and pretend to be Sophie, but both seemed reluctant to let that happen.
God help us, they're multiplying.
Joe and Jarvis find an impressionable friend from Kirklees. Run away quick young man!
"You will be Assimilated"
Now there's 3 of them
Sophie, Holly, and Fern splashing around in the diving pit.
The Diving Pit
Okay, okay, we confess.
This is actually the Dartes master plan for Yorkshire dominance. We simply let Joe loose on the opposition and they'll be too terrified to compete next month.
Here he is infiltrating the rest of the BoKirklees team ...
The Master Plan
... and here's Jarvis mopping up the left overs.
Surely that's the whole of BoKirklees taken care of. Now let's make a move on the home team, Harrogate (in red).
He he he, the evil master plan is working!
Mopping up
Oh the poor boy.
He certainly doesn't look like he'll be wanting to share a podium with Joe ever again. I suspect he'll let you win next time Joe! You've got that one beat good and proper.
Looking Nervous
Team Litchfield.
Between them, Max and Joe came home with 16 medals! A worthy total for an entire club.
Team Litchfield
Team Dartes
Some of the team who were available for the photo on Sunday afternoon.
Team Dartes