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Photo Gallery: The Bronze Age, 2009

2009 represents the most successful year at Dartes for over a decade. 12 individual National Qualifiers and a Boys team too. We came away from the National BAGCAT Championships with 4 Bronze medals and runner-up in the 14 year boys BAGCATS.

Photo Gallery 2009 The Bronze Age
Man of Bronze!
He very nearly won the 100m Backstroke but for a problem turn. But let's face it, a shiny Gold medal would have clashed with his 3 Bronze.
Max Litchfield: Man of Bronze
Girl of Bronze!
It wasn't quite the haul around Max's neck, but 1 Bronze and 2 phones will keep Sophie happy for another year.
Sophie T: Girl of Bronze
So just what is the big deal about Nationals?
Answer 1: You get a presentation complete with Podium Girls!!!
Man of Bronze meets Podium Girls
Answer 2: Everyone gets to watch you receive your medal on a great big screen. Is anyone else thinking about how we can incorporate that into our Santa meet?
Just me then (I'll be quiet).
This is of course Max receiving one of his Bronze medals.
Man of Bronze meets Big Screen
Your first National medal is always special. Here's the first one for Team Litchfield.
Congratulations Max, very few deserve one more.
Bronze medal number 1
A relaxing weekend lounging by the pool.
With morning heats and evening finals and nothing in between, the days dragged out a little. Plenty of time for silly photos then.
Silly Photo 1
Loads and loads of time Silly Photo 2
Waaaaay too much time Silly Photo 3
Forget Podium Girls
Forget Big Screens
This is what Nationals is really about.
You can only get this shirt if you have an NQT. You'd better work hard next year to earn the right to wear one.
The most distinctive shirt on the pool deck.
Just because: We are DARTES!
Dartes National Squad Shirt
Proud Parents take Proud Photos.
And who can blame them.
A National Final for Chloë on her first attempt.
The first of many you might think.
First National Final for Chloe
Finally, the girl learns how to match!
No bright pink costume or snazzy green tutu. Finals are the time to match costume with cap
Likely to continue you think?
Time to Match