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Photo Gallery: Doncaster Sports Awards, 2009

After a resurgent season of fast swimming, being named Most Improved Club in Yorkshire, and almost hitting double figures for National Qualifiers, the club attended the inaugural Doncaster Sports Awards presentation with two nominees.

We came home with a lovely trophy to claim our place as Doncaster's Top Amateur Sports Club. Committee members, coaches and parents partied till the early hours.

Thanks to Amanda Davies for the photos.

Photo Gallery 2009 Doncaster Sports Awards
Here it is:
The trophy for Top Amateur Sports Club of the Year.
Congratulations to everyone involved in winning this. Our swimmers, our coaches, all of our feeder clubs, and of course all the parents who've played their part too, well done to you all.
Top Amateur Sports Club of the Year
Mr T, provider of our magnificent banners and occasional article writer, doing a marvellous job of imitating an evil Mafia Mogul. Mafia Crime Boss, Mr T
Round 'em all up Amanda.
Team Manager Amanda grabs the girls for a quick photo. Vicky (right) played a large part in making this evening a success for Doncaster Swimming and Dartes, so despite her complaints last time we featured her on the site, we've bravely included her again ...
The Ladies
... and again.
The Ladies
Embarrased yet kids?
They rarely get the opportunity for a night out away from swimming pools so forgive the many glasses and bottles on the table.
More of the Ladies
And Finally
Here's the moment Chairman Chris joined Head Coach Wallace on the stage to receive the award.
Presenting the Award