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Top Visiting Club at the Sheffield Teaspoon Meet for 2009, and the noisiest supporters for miles around.

Photo Gallery: Sheffield Teaspoon Meet, 2009

We popped along to Teaspoon for an early season blow-out. A fast Sunday of 50m sprinting and an opportunity to generate some team spirit among our supporters.

We finished the day as Top Visiting Club with enough teaspoons to open a cutlery store (Sheffield being Steel City, Teaspoons have traditionally replaced medals at this meet). It's an entertaining quirk, and they do go nicely with our 2008 Santa Meet mugs.

Photo Gallery 2009 Sheffield Teaspoon Meet
The happy, smiling faces of Team Dartes.
Has any team ever smiled so much?
The smiles say it all
Spot the Boy!
In case you were wondering why The Poster Challenge is so important, just try and spot the boys in these top four photos!
They're in there somewhere (we think).
Spot the Boy!
Keep your eyes on this bunch.
There's a lot of talented young swimmers in that shot. We expect big things from them over the next few years.
The Next Generation
Farrah popped up everywhere that day, but she never popped up inside 10m! A fabulous second appearance racing in a Dartes cap.
Farrah makes appearance number 2

Finally, here are the boys!
We have no idea what's going on here, but Joe is smiling so it can't be good.
Please don't tell us that Ben is to join forces with Joe and Jarvis this season.
It must be trouble, Joe's smiling

Another two boys!
Our noisy cheerleading team sit above the banner. You might just be able to spot that no one else is anywhere near them.
Wonder why?
The Cheerleading Squad

Not wanting to start a rumour or anything, but do you think Sophie's missed Elliot?
Keagan and Ben see what it feels like to sit among the National Squad for a while. You need to earn those shirts boys!
Ben and Keagan sit among The National Squad
Finally we find the Minster Meet Top Club shield.
The 2009 Top Club at our Minster Meet was Kingston upon Hull. Jim takes the opportunity to present the shield to their coach Graham Martin.
Graham Martin receives Minster Meet Top Club Shield