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JDS Stroke Clinic

Towards the end of April we arranged for City of Sheffield Head Coach Russ Barber to deliver a Butterfly stroke clinic with JDS. Popping along to provide demonstrations were former Dartes stars Max Litchfield (Spa) and Joe Litchfield (Spa). Max's fellow Olympian Richard Nagy made a guest appearance too.

A very special treat for our young stars of tomorrow.

Photo Gallery 2017 Butterfly Stroke Clinic
All three boys gave demonstrations of a Butterfly turn. Here's Max on the approach to the wall with the athletes watching on.
Note the finger tip hand entry!
The boys gave 1 to 1 feedback while the young athletes performed Butterfly turns. Here's Max explaining the steps involved to one of JDS's young girls.
In the next lane Richard is watching the execution of another turn.
A small selection from Phase 4 came along to observe from poolside. Here's James, Blaine, and Cohen taking the opportunity to have a photo with Joe and Richard at the start of the afternoon.
Single arm Fly with fins makes it very easy to feel the kick happening due to hip movement. If the hips rise out of the water and the hand enters at the right time, you're pretty much guaranteed two kicks in the right place.
All you need to do then, is exagerate one of them. Again, check out the finger tip hand entry.
Various drills were demonstrated during the session. Here's Richard doing one of those drills - it could have been any though.
Is this the real reason all the kids turned up?
After the stroke clinic, the three stars signed autographs for a good half hour. Here's Richard and Joe facing a large queue holding kickboards, caps, t-shirts, bags - anything the kids could find for them to sign.