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Arla Foods Photo Day

Those who've followed Dartes for a while will know that we don't need much of an excuse for a team photo. It's tricky to include JDS due to the different pools being used, but Phase 4 and Phase 5 get enough practice to perfect their smiling skills. Arla Foods recently got on board to provide their protein milkshakes to hand out at the March Sprints. Add to that a pretty successful Yorkshire Championships, and an impromptu celebratory photo shoot was thrown together.

A big thank you to the professional photographer commandeered for the occasion to save Coach Dave falling in to the pool (turns out he actually was a pro photographer).

Photo Gallery 2018 Arla Foods Photo Day
Just to make sure everyone knows what we're talking about, here is the star of the show!
Courtesy of Arla Foods, their Strawberry and Raspberry protein milkshake. 20g of protein in every bottle. Just perfect to help you recover after training. Exactly the amount sports nutritionists say is ideal immediately after training (within 15-30 minutes).
A practice run at 6.15 on a Saturday morning. Inevitably we forgot something - the swimmers!
It's a good job we had such an experienced member of the team to highlight the mistake. That banner has appeared beside the pool on numerous foreign training camps, been flown from hotel balconies to warn the locals of our presence, and starred in more photo shoots than celebrities have appeared in the jungle.
It gets everywhere.
The best we could manage without help.
The smiles were less to do with having their photo taken, and more to do with Coach Dave practically falling in to the pool trying to take this.
Fortunately help was at hand, as a professional photographer just happened to be swimming in the pool behind us and offered his assistance.
It was all planned you see.
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We're not too proud as to borrow someone else's trophy cabinet ;-)
Dan posing in front of Adwick's silverware to show off more of the mighty milkshakes.
Our collection of trophies from the past few decades are all nicely photographed and available on this website. You just have to go searching for them.
It always comes good in the end.
The finished article. Yorkshire finalists' pendants, medals, and the odd small champions trophy too. Bottles of milkshake shown off around the team and we even conjured up a couple of crates to sit in front of them too.
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