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The All Conquering Dream Team

Over the years DARTES has produced some stunning teams. But perhaps the greatest of all was 'The Dream Team' of the mid-1990s.

The team boasted Yorkshire and North Eastern Counties champions in:
- Butterfly (Alistair);
- Backstroke (Paul);
- and Breaststroke (Sam);
while Matthew won Silver in the Freestyle and was Yorkshire top boy in 1994.

All four were individual National finalists:
- Sam: Breaststroke champion 1994, 1995;
- Alistair: Butterfly Champion 1995;
- Paul: 100m, 200m Backstroke and IM;
- Matthew: 200m Freestyle 1994.

At Yorkshire & NEC Team Championships they achieved a 3 year winning streak; 12 consecutive gold medal winning team swims.

At the ASA Nationals they were twice Medley Team and once Freestlye Team Champions (they also have a Freestyle Team Bronze).

The Dream Team

Gold medalists at the National Teams, 1995.
Back/Middle: Paul Mannifield, Matthew Cooke
Front/sides: Sam Seddon, Alistair Bates

Matthew Cooke

Matthew Cooke, heading for a 3rd consecutive top boy award at the Harrogate Open.


Thanks to Matthew Cooke (formerly Edlington and DARTES) for these photos.