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Flashback to 1989

Let's take a trip back in time, to the end of August 1989. DARTES spent an enjoyable week's holiday in Herton, Germany.

Many of the names and faces will still be known at Doncaster's clubs, and some are included in the club's honours section.

The photo was taken in Herton town hall.
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Herton Germany, 1989


Each face is identified in the lists below, from left to right.

Row 1:
Mark Binnington, Hywel Davies, Robin Butler, Carl Whitaker, and Greg Viercant.

Row 2:
Jason Beach, Alistair Youdan, Chris Marshall, Gemma Sugden, Claire Moore, Lyn Powell, Matthew Rix, Jacqueline Baindle.

Row 3 (the 3 on the left in front of row 4):
Claire Whitaker behind Jason Beach, James Leach-Flannagan behind Alistair Youdan, and Chris Rix behind Gemma Sugden.

Row 4:
Amanda Hall and Elizabeth Hawksworth behind Claire and James; Claire Hall and Stephen Moore behind James and Chris Rix; then Jenny Christian, Julie Eland, Vanessa Murray, Deborah Powell, Tony Sockett, and three others.

The general mêlée at the back:
John Rix, Ian Gray, Anthony Barker, Matthew Hardy in the shades, Adam Firbank, Duncan Norburn behind Adam, Tim Bevington, Michael Parkinson behind Tim, and Tim Gleeson in the glasses, the next two are Jamie Christian, and in front of him is Richard Ellis.

Many thanks to Matthew Hardy for the photo, and to all those who have helped name faces.
If you recognise someone, or you have a similar photo, please contact the webmaster.