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Phase 5: Premier Squad

Below is a quick introduction to the pinnacle of Doncaster Swimming and the Dartes system:
"The Premier Squad".

What is the Premier Squad

Aims and Objectives

The aims of this squad are to:


Must have achieved within the last 12months:

Swimmers recognised by the head coach as having high levels of commitment with potential to progress may be admitted or retained in the group on a probationary period of between 3-6 months with specific performance targets set by the Head Coach relating to competition and training. Each swimmer must be able to show commitment and demonstrate that they are capable of progressing towards these goals and the premier squad criteria. All squad places are to be reviewed at the end of each training cycle.

  1. Total commitment to swimming
  2. Swimmers must compete only in competitions agreed by the head coach.
  3. All swimmers aged 14yrs & over girls and 15yrs & over boys (age at nationals) must maintain a minimum attendance of 8 sessions per week.
  4. All swimmers aged 13yrs & under girls and 14yrs & under boys (age at nationals) must maintain a minimum attendance of 7 sessions per week.
  5. Swimmers must attend 3 out of 5 land training sessions.
  6. All swimmers must keep an up to date log book to be made available for review by the head coach on Monday each week.
  7. All swimmers must compete in all County, District and National Championships in which they qualify unless instructed otherwise by the Head Coach.
  8. Swimmers must have very good all round technical abilities and skills and show enthusiasm to develop them further as requested by head coach.
  9. Saturday morning water / land training sessions are compulsory unless otherwise instructed by the head coach.
  10. During busy periods of school exams, swimmers must complete at least half the amount of normal weekly training. This must be agreed in prior consultation with the head coach.
  11. Swimmers must have a positive attitude towards competing, training and must always be punctual.
  12. Swimmers/ parents must sign and return the swimmer agreement to the head coach.
  13. Having all of the above does not mean automatic selection.
  14. All squad movement is at the head coach's discretion.

Any swimmers not achieving squad criteria will be issued with a warning and lack of action to correct the shortfalls will result in the swimmer being removed from the squad.

Additional information

For further details please contact the Squad Manager.