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Athlete Logbook

Logbooks can be inspirational for athletes to see how far they have come and to see all the little details that they've perfected along the way. Although it might seem hard to remember a workout at the pool, much less the times for each set (and it might be next to impossible at first), with experience paying attention to the details becomes second nature.

Inspiration comes not only from flipping back through the pages to see how much faster you now swim or how substantial the gradual increase in total distance has become but also from simply wanting to record a positive workout.

Dartes Athlete Logbooks


Pick the base logbook that best suits you, there are only minimal differences so don't worry too much. Some pages have been upgraded, so replace those in the base logbook with the new versions.

Page Format Version
Logbook for NER/Yorkshire MS Word | PDF ver 1
Logbook for Nationals/NER MS Word | PDF ver 1
Training Log MS Excel | PDF ver 2
Volume Tracker MS Excel | PDF ver 3

Weekly Inspection

Logbooks should be made available to your squad coach for inspection each week. This ensures everyone is filling them in correctly.

Important: If emailing log books to coaches, please have a parent or adult send them. ASA guidelines forbid coaches emailing swimmers directly.

Goal Setting

Part of your logbook refers to Goal Setting. Here are two very useful articles to help you understand what Goal Setting is all about and to help you get the most out of it: