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The Dartes Logo

The Black Dart diving under the White Rose of Yorkshire is the club's distinctive logo. It's instantly recognisable and regularly found on swim caps, shirts, and excessively large banners at top class competitions up and down the United Kingdom.

The White Rose and the Black Dart

History of the Logo

White Rose with Black Dart on a Red Background Whoever created the original design of the Dartes logo seems to have been forgotten. It is known to date back to at least 1986 in the form of a black dart under the White Rose of Yorkshire. Although another version (red dart under the White Rose) was also known to have existed on white swim caps in the mid-1980s.

Clearly the rose must always be the White Rose of Yorkshire, but as the club's colours are Black, White, and Red the dart tends to change from black to red depending on the background.

Purpose of this Page

To ensure everyone can get quick and easy access to a high quality version of the logo, this page will provide the master SVG format image. This master image may be downloaded by anyone; resized, re-coloured, or edited in what ever way is required.

If you produce an interesting variation, or make any improvements to the master drawing (it does have a few rough edges), please submit them to the Webmaster for inclusion on this page so everyone else has access to your work.

Anyone can download the version found below for whatever task they might have. This can be useful for posters, meet programs, clothing embroidery, swim caps and lots of other situations.

Technical Detail - Why SVG Format?

The version provided here was created in 2009 using a vector image of the White Rose (the challenging part) that was found on wikipedia. The black dart was then added to complete the logo.

Draw Freely with Inkscape To provide a high quality master image that can be easily edited (resized, colours changed, etc) it's been created in SVG format using a free vector drawing package called Inkscape. Wikipedia has an excellent article describing the advantages of using a vector graphics format.

Because SVG is an open standard, you're not limited to using Inkscape to edit the logo. Other proprietary vector formats are available but are limited to expensive software, SVG prevents this vendor lock-in and so is the perfect choice when lots of people need access to an image.

Download Versions

White Rose with Black Dart on a Red Background To keep track of any changes made to the logo and to quickly identify when the copy you have is not the most recent, let's call the ones below version 2.

We have two variants:
- logo_small (ver 2.0)
- logo_large (ver 2.0)

Although SVG resizes without loss of quality, the small variant has a lot of the rose detail removed so it doesn't look so busy when scaled down. The different coloured background can be changed in either version so choose based on size, not colour.

Secondary Logo

Back in 2009 we adopted a second logo too. Our marketing guru of the day had this outlined Butterfly swimmer prepared for us. It regularly appears on the website and team kit, but is probably most recognisable on those over-sized banners we like so much.

Here it is in SVG format:
- Butterfly (ver 1.0)

Contributed Versions

Feel free to reuse any of the versions contributed below if they fit your needs:

Version: kevin_1.0
Created: probably an early version
Contributor: Kevin Nicholas
Download: 187x186 BMP
Download: 433x431 BMP

Version: davec_1.0
Created: 2000ish
Creator: Dave Cuthbert
Download: 82x53 GIF
Download: 82x53 JPEG

Version: davecname_1.0
Created: 2000ish
Creator: Dave Cuthbert
Download: 103x103 GIF

Version: scan_1.0
Created: 1998
Scanned by: Dave Cuthbert
Download: 100x98 GIF
Scanned from an early printed document.

Version: davecwm_1.0
Created: 1998
Creator: Dave Cuthbert
Download: 331x330 GIF
Used as a watermark on the original Dartes website in 1998.

Version: banner_1.0
Created: 2000ish
Creator: Dave Cuthbert
Download: 250x80 GIF
Not the logo, but the top of page banner from version 2 of the website.