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About the Dartes Programme

For many people new to Doncaster Swimming, Dartes causes quite a lot of confusion. The usual opening question goes: is it a club, or just a training squad? After that one is answered, things tend to get even more confused. To avoid as much of that confusion as possible, this page aims to provide the answers.

A Little Recognition for each Home Club

Let's Hear it For ...

All of Doncaster's clubs contribute swimmers to the Dartes programme. Many also provide volunteer coaching support to help run our training sessions. In recognition of the fantastic and often thankless work performed by each of them, we add a little pat on the back and a big thumbs to the home club of every swimmer that gets a mention on this site in the form: Swimmer Name (Club).


Throughout the site you'll see a 3 letter abbreviation next to a swimmer's name. This is our way of recognising the contribution of each athlete's home club. A big thank you must go to each and every one of them, without their support, Dartes would not, and could not, exist.

Here's your guide to who's who:

In addition to the original bunch of clubs, Minsthorpe Marlins came on board during the summer of 2009.